How To Use Positive Customer Feedback To Grow Your Sales

How To Use Positive Customer Feedback To Grow Your Sales

Customer feedback is quintessential for a company’s success. Given the fact that online reviews and feedback influence public opinion and perception about a company, ensuring that the feedback is positive happens to be imperative. All major companies have reputation management teams working on their online image. A few negative reviews or comments can jeopardize years of hard work and longstanding credibility. Not only should you ensure that you get positive customer feedback but you must also try to avoid negative feedback going unnoticed and unchallenged or unmanaged as that can ruin a company’s reputation.

When you do have some positive customer feedback, it isn’t just a glowing endorsement but also a marketing tool. You must use positive reviews to grow your sales.

You have to promote positive reviews. While the good old word of mouth may be dying, it has transformed into something better. With more than two billion people using social media and connected in real time by the internet, marketing positive reviews or using them to grow sales is no big deal.

How To Use Positive Customer Feedback To Grow Your Sales

First, you should share the positive reviews on social media. You should post the reviews, not virally or randomly but in a planned frequency so your followers and the larger target audience can get to see the posts time and again. Keep using all your positive reviews in sequence and that would gain substantial traction online. You could even get people talking about those reviewed products or services and that can go viral or start to trend. If you can manage that even once, many more people would get to know about your company and its credibility than what tons of sales pitches would achieve.

Post positive reviews on your website. Populate your seller profiles on ecommerce sites with such reviews and also inculcate the reviews smartly in some product listings or when you launch new products or services. The past reviews will work in your favor and would make new untested products or services appear to be credible and thus worthwhile. Whether you are a courier company offering parcel delivery to Spain or a consumer electronics seller at online stores, you need to use reviews to your advantage.

People get considerably influenced by genuine or authentic reviews. Often, online shoppers decide in favor or against purchasing a certain product based entirely on the reviews they have read. Hence, you need to have positive customer feedback and should use it in marketing to grow your sales.

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