Ice Sculptures Queensland For All Events

Are you planning a special birthday party that will leave the guests awed? While planning a party, you want it to be as memorable as possible. After all, you are looking for that wow factor that will make the party stand out from the rest.

Have you tried using the ice sculptures? These sculptures will grab the attention of the guests. Trust me; it will be the talk of the event. It does not matter if it is an adults or kids’ birthday party.

Ice sculptures for kids’ parties

We know kids love interesting and colorful items. If you are planning a child’s birthday party, use simple sculptures such as butterflies, dolls for girls, and trucks for boys. Alternatively, you can recreate the name of the birthday boy or girl, and include their ages. The options are endless.

Ice sculptures ideas for adults

If it is a milestone birthday, you may consider using a sculpture displaying the person’s age. Additionally, you can choose a sculpture of something that they like, or include their image in it.

If you have trouble picking a sculpture design, our staff will readily assist. Staff members will help you select the ideal design for the party based on factors such as interest and age.

How do I use the ice sculptures?

After deciding on the ice sculpture for the party, you need to determine where the sculpture it will be placed. If it is for decorative purposes, placing it as the centerpiece of the buffet table is ideal.

Other sculptures may have practical uses. For instance, it can be turned into a luge and used as a serving point for drinks. Your guests will enjoy chilled drinks throughout the event. In case you are serving seafood, it would make the best serving point. The ice chills the food. The ice sculpture can find its way on the birthday cake table too.

How long do the ice sculptures last?

Some people may not choose ice sculptures for their event because they think it will melt. Worry not! The sculptures can last for 5-6 hours giving you enough time to impress the guests. Additionally, there are trays below the sculptures that hold the melted ice. You do not have to worry about the sculpture melting and ruining your outfit or buffet table.

How do I get the ice sculptures?

If you have a specific sculpture in mind, get in touch with the service provider. You will receive the pricing for that specific piece. If you are not sure what you want, visit the service provider. Most of them have albums and displays of the available sculpt.

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