Ideas For Storage In Small Spaces

Sometimes store your things may be an impossible task, especially if you do not have enough space, so here are some ideas to help you save space and store your things in a creative way.


If you have many dishes or simply the place where you store is not great this idea is for you, all you have to do is get hooks into the hardware store and place on the wall to place the cups. So you have this ordered space in a creative and useful way.

Hanging Baskets

Place vertical baskets hanging from the ceiling may be an idea to save space, you can place in the corners of the room and use them to put objects like wires, towels, keys or anything you can think of.

Drainer for Accessories

One way to keep tidy your room and store your accessories is using drainer, yes, the kind you use in the kitchen, are perfect for placing bags or small bags, you can use them in the closet or keep them in sight that it may be more easy to choose which one to use.

Ideas For Storage In Small Spaces

Shoe Rack

This idea is great for sorting your closet and put your shoes at your fingertips, you only need a rack and place in the bottom of the closet or a wall to put all your shoes and save space and have stored in an orderly way your shoes favorites.


The kitchen is usually the place where the clutter more appears, avoid losing or forgetting where you saved your cookware with this practical tip, you just need fixing pipe and a wooden board with a drill puts clamps on the board, paint it the color you want and paste it on the wall in an easily available and ready.

Organizer Threads

If you like certain crafts have many threads there, a practical and very creative to keep them organized it is to keep them in a frame and nails, where you can easily place and keep them in sight, plus you can give a vintage touch and personalize it like you want.

PVC Pipes

Forget about having your irons, dryers and other styling hair made a mess, a useful and practical way to store and keep them in order is placing tubes PVC doors furniture or secure them to the wall, just get the tubes the width necessary to make your stay perfect styling.

Organize Bottles

Recycled and organized, so easy you can keep different items available and all stored in order, with the jars of jam, mayonnaise or coffee and fixing pipes. This accessory is perfect for storing, cotton, makeup brushes, cotton sticks or whatever comes to mind.

Bath Baskets

If you have a small bathroom idea is perfect for making the most of the space, put some metal pipes in the wall and they hung some baskets, they will be used to keep personal hygiene items, toilet paper, washcloths or what you want.

Charging Station

With a basket you can keep all your boots cables in order, using labels to customize each one, so you do not have to deal with each cable unravel as they remain orderly.

With these ideas you can take the most of the space you have at home in a creative and original way, you can also be kind to your pocket recycling items you have unused.

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