IIT Brand: Real or Illusionary

JEE Advanced, the entrance exams for getting into IIT’s has a reputation to be one of the most difficult entrance exams. India has a huge population of engineering students. Around 16 lakhs students appear for JEE Mains. A very small percentage of students clear the cut off and become eligible for JEE Advanced. Yes you heard that right, an entrance exam to qualify for another entrance exam. Such is the reputation of IIT’s.

IIT’s do deserve this to a laege extent. It has a rock solid research team, the best of the students, international prsenece and an appreciable student to teacher ratio. IIT’s have also been taking strong and substantial steps to ensure that IIT’s are looked up internationally, the way they are looked upto in India. You’ll be shocked to see these cut off for IIT’s in the past years.

Having said all this let us also clarify that there are students who have scored the top marks without any hustle. That is possible too. JEE Advanced is accussed of being huge and it is perhaps, but it is easily doable in the time that students have.

IIT Brand: Real or Illusionary

There are a few things that you need to take care of:

1. Planning

By planning we do not mean time table. We know timetables are not something that will get things done, but it’s the planning part that can take care of the things. Make weekly, monthly and quarterly plans so that you always have time in your hand. Make such plans for your study

2. Dedication & Discipline

Planning is just the start. Once you’ve planned, its your dedication and discipline that will ensure that you are on schedule and don’t run behind the plan.

3. Consistency

Consistency = Planning + Dedication & Discipline

4. Tests

Taking test is important as it highlights your strong and weak suits. Only when you know your weak suits will you be able to rectify and work towards your improvement. Sadly, very few students take tests seriously and fewer take the anaysis out of the test and use it to its best.

5. Revision

Most of the students hardly get time for revision. Revision is very important; you’re seriously mistaken if you think you will complete everything just before exam and then revise. It’s ok if you have not completed all your portion. Remember this: Revision of what you’ve done is far more important than learning anything new.

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