Important things you should consider before your first Ayahuasca

Shaman ceremony Peru

The ‘rope of spirit’, Ayahuasca is a shamanic brew developed from the Amazonian Plants, called ayahuasca vine (Banisteriopsis caapi) and chakruna leaves (Psychotria viridis) with water. By shamans and practitioners, to attain the higher states of perception’ they treated this as a ‘tree of knowledge’ due to its’ immense spiritual powers. While many believe this – as forbidden fruit: illegal potent, mostly like marijuana, frown upon as a contemporary version of ancient charlatanism. Therefore, important things must be noted and realized while attaining such Shaman ceremony Peru, for experiencing positive and specific intention.

Try to know and indulge to realize both ends for experience wholly.

Not a leisure drug:

From one ritual context to another, the size and potency get powerful. Designing the right portion is indispensable to follow as following to the quality, age, and type of herbal elements. Moreover, the psychoactive potency also depends on the environmental condition of the plant: a right Shaman is equally important like consuming Ayahuasca brew.  Therefore, do not think it as a leisure drug, as your spirit molecule will not function properly as it is defined and promised.

Get your intention right:

Also known as Mama Ayahuasca, this brew needs you to understand without going much hard on yourself. Make sure to get your perspective clear, as serotonin activity inside your brain will activate the process of introspection and emotional content.

For pleasure-seekers, do not attempt for fun.

Be honest with yourself, and what you need to learn is strictly depend on what exactly you are focus on. Embrace a positive attitude. What happens to you is completely dependent on your will and your surrender towards a willingness to seek Mama Ayahuasca: Faith, trust, love, and respect are an essential component to experience this medicine and its power.

Choose the right Ayahuasca retreat center:

Put your confidence completely on Shaman ceremony Peru, and that requires the right and suitable Ayahuasca retreat center. You will be vulnerable, but it is the responsibility of the Shaman to guide you, protect you from your inner demon.

Cover essential questions about Shaman ceremony Peru

No article will cover complete information regarding your doubts about Ayahusaca retreat, as there are stupendous facts, associated myths, and involuntary conclusions. Even you start dwindling about its worth. But finding the answers of the following might heal you, keep in mind these findings to sort out:

  • Define Shamanism.
  • What is Shaman ceremony?
  • What is the process of Shamanic healing?
  • Most importantly, is ayahuasca healing is right for you if you have any specific ailment?
  • How does one find the right Ayahuasca retreat center?

A universal phenomenon, Shamanism is presently spanning frivolously across the globe.  In Caya Shobo, we take complete responsibility for your well being and with our informative purposes, things get less challenging to achieve life grounding and level of spirituality.

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