Intellectual Celebrity Of Bollywood Film Field: Aamir Khan

He is known as intellectual actor and he is known for the intelligence and sensibility portraying ability in his films. He is one of the most established film actor in Indian screen. Known for his acting, directing skill and producing social awareness films with a tinge of underlaying criticism of existing social life and beliefs. The films which are directed by him are the masterpieces with social awareness hidden messages with style which is appealing and interesting. He is a multifaceted actor with many skills in his lap, and he is known for the intelligence and observing and keen mind and involvement in the industry. Entry: He is a child artist with his acting capacity he has drawn enough attentive viewer by his acting capacity in the film Yaadon ki Baaraat which was yesteryears blockbuster movie. He was just 8 years old at that time. Later though he acted after he became an adult in Ketan Mehta’s directorial debut film. Then came is box office buster Qayamat se Qayamat tak making him popular overnight with the release of the film. It is a big commercial success for him and he followed an unusual habit of doing one or two films in a year. For raja Hindustani film directed Darmesh Darhsan pairing with Karishma Kapoor has won him film fare awards in 1996. The film has given the freshness feeling for the viewer who were fed with the same type of masala films continuously.

Intellectual Celebrity Of Bollywood Film Field Aamir Khan

Film Career: He is one of the rare actor, whatever he do get enough attraction from all the circles and his films were acclaimed international reputation. Even though he shares the screen with many other versatile actors like him, when he is filming though it is not main character he draw enough attention and appreciation from viewers for the neat presentation of his role in the film. This is one of the distinguishing things that can be observed in his films. Whatever may be his movie, he has given prominence to the role rather than showing the heroism in the films. Emphasis on performing different kinds of roles and experimenting in different fields of industry and has always kept busy in one or other activities off the field. Some of his important films after his popular Qayamat se Qayamat tak, he has given many blockbuster movies which were box office hit Dil hi ki manta nahi, Hum hi Rahi Pyar ki, Rangeela, Rang de Basanthi, Ishq, Mela, Dil, Lagaan, Dil chahata hai, Mangal Pandey: the rising star are some of the important films which worth mentioning though there are many more movies in the queue. All these movies show how he portrays his films with vivid simplicity and involvement with the character.

He plays his roles and makes an impeccable impact on the viewers which can be explained as one of the reasons for his popularity. He is known for his composed behavior on the set and is highly appreciable for the involvement. Aamir Khan is known to learn the etiquettes required for the acting if necessary. Aamir Khan recently learned swimming for the movie, in which swimming scenes were essential and he has become so expert by the shooting completed he learnt how to do scuba diving also at the end of film shooting.

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