Interior Design Done Right

There was a time not so long ago when fashion styles had very specific features, easy to identify, recognise and therefore – to follow. But development of technology, industry and media created dynamic environment, where strict, canonic nature of style had to change. Home interior projects and trends stopped following certain rules and traditional designs were bravely combined with daring colours and exotic accessories creating more personalised atmosphere.

Now there are countless design companies and diversity is huge. It’s quite possible if you’re not certain how exactly you imagine your home interior you’ll either need ages to find out, or you will end picking home interior on a random basis. In both cases there’s a big chance many things to go wrong. So, my advice is – take a good look at the place you want to remodel, close all fancy catalogues and choose interior look by characteristics of the space, trusting your own reason, taste and budget(for the price you pay is one of the most important things here).

The Most Important Factors For Home Interior

There are many things said what you have to consider, but there are actually only 3 very important factors:

Space and Size

If you are moving into a new place and you have to furnish it from a scratch you have to be aware that when a room is empty it seems big and spacey. But don’t rush to buy enormous solid furniture before taking measures of the rooms first. A living room set that is displayed great and tempting in the huge, enlightened show room can actually make your living room look small, stuffed and set a claustrophobic feeling. In general massive wooden furniture – tables, cabinets and cupboards are appropriate choice for a big villa, or a mansion out of the city and are not quite good choice for urban homes. If you like rustic designs, which are so trendy right now, better choose a classic wooden furniture in reasonable sizes and rely on the colours and accessories to achieve it.

Interior Design Done Right

Light and Colours

The second important point to build your interior around is light. Before picking colours for walls and furniture ask yourself the following questions: How much natural light enters the room that you’re about to (re)decorate? Is there a tree or any other obstacles for the daylight outside your windows? Of course, we can always put additional lighting – portable and wall lamps for the dark parts of the day. But what about the afternoons? This is why you have to comply with the natural light when choosing the right colours for your walls, furniture, curtains and even for the flooring. Painting medium size room, which doesn’t get enough sunlight in solid, more intensive colours can make it look smaller, obscured and uninviting. If you like strong intensive colours, but your place is rather small the best you can do is to choose paint and upholstery in pale, softer tones and enhance the look of the room with bright motives and accessories.

Purpose and Materials

Let’s put it this way – you are dreaming for a pale velvet sofa and delicate chiffon curtains, but you are planning to have kids soon, or you already have one or too? Then this combination is definitely a bad idea. Some interior design decisions look fantastic in magazines. Instead of dreaming over an artsy interior magazine’s photos imagine your place and your loved ones in it. As I said, silk curtains may look fantastic but they require regular maintenance even if you live alone. The same is with fluffy carpets and delicate upholstery fabrics. Pick materials and fabrics wise. If you have to take care after a big family then choose more durable drapes and furniture for the family rooms in the house kitchen, living room and also for your kids room. Flooring is also important if your family is big or you have pets. Personally I have always liked hard wood floor plus area rug better than wall-to-wall carpeting. First – it looks really beautiful, second – if you’re bored with your rug you can always put another one easy without help and, at last, but not least it’s way easier to maintain it clean and good looking.

In addition – the “perfect interior” for your home can be done 2 ways – hiring specialists or having your own opinion. Either way you have to take in mind your budget and the time that you’ll need to achieve it. But if you seek for cosy and inviting atmosphere accessories are your best friend. Be it handmade or commercial decoration, framed art and photos, pillows and cushions or even a single vase can give any room the look you aim for – gorgeous, warm, classy or adventurous. It’s up to you.

Author: Zara S writes extensively about interior design, home improvement, repairs, cleaning and maintenance. Currently Zara writes on the behalf of carpet cleaning company in Surbiton.

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