Is Online Shopping In India Better Than Physical Stores?

Is Online Shopping In India Better Than Physical Stores

Shopping for yourself and your loved ones can be quite a task. With the e-commerce boom, a lot of options are opening up. This is bringing up an issue which is creating quite a buzz amongst retailers and the general public. Is online shopping in India better than physical stores, is the blaring question. Both online portals selling goods and physical stores have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Brick and mortar shop were standing comfortably where they were with a firm hold of the market and suddenly in a quick span of 8-9 years online portals selling consumer goods break into the scene. Online stores have shown an exponential growth, forcing the brick and mortar establishments to rethink and adapt their methods of doing business.Here are some pointers that serial debaters put forth while discussing on what mode of retailing goods is the best online shopping portals or physical stores.Is Online Shopping In India Better Than Physical Stores?

  1. Millions of choices available at one click

Want the exact same dress that your cousin in the US is flaunting, all you need to do is order the same dress for yourself through any portal for online cloth shopping. The limitation of choice pulls down a physical store whereas the online store has an upper hand in this matter. Online cloth shopping is catching up quickly in India. The fear of getting duplicate or low-quality products have been eliminated to a large extent. Physical stores here can show off their supremacy by providing 100% proof of selling high quality goods because the consumer has a firsthand experience during which all his/her skepticisms vanish. E-tailers in India have started selling things from matchboxes to refrigerators. The Indian consumer is now spoilt for choice.

  1. Outreach to every nook and corner of the country

India has one of the largest numbers of people using mobile devices in the world. Soon with the markets opening up these not so smart mobile devices will turn into Smartphones. This will create a bridge bigger than any other between the manufacturer and the consumer. With the help of e-tailers, these brands can reach out to the still untapped market of rural India, thus making India the most promising market for online retailers. The problem of delivering the goods has also been solved with the arrival of great logistic companies. The time required to get the goods though is still a shortcoming for online portals. Physical stores beat online portals hands down in this aspect of delivering goods to the consumer right on time.

In the end, the winner is the Indian Consumer

In the competition between online shopping portals and physical stores, the Indian consumer emerges as the winner. This ruthless competition between the retailers be it between online retailers and physical stores or a competition amongst the online portals itself, the result is always going to be better goods and better services. Competition brings the best out of everyone.The debate will end only when someone workouts the way for both the online shopping and physical stores to carry out their businesses in a symbiotic manner.

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