I've Had An Accident- How Much Compensation Am I Entitled to?

I've Had An Accident- How Much Compensation Am I Entitled to

If you have been injured in an accident, then the amount of compensation you are entitled to depends on what injuries you have sustained, the extent of those injuries, and how those injuries have and will affect your life. Those are the three key factors behind the worth of an injury claim. However, there are other things that will be considered.

For instance, if you had any pre-existing medical conditions that have worsened because of your accident, or if you have had to give up a hobby, then these things will also be considered by a solicitor when determining a settlement demand. In addition to these, you can also expect more compensation if you have had any mental of psychological symptoms since your accident, such as depression, anxiety or insomnia.

I've Had An Accident- How Much Compensation Am I Entitled to

Getting an estimated pay-out

If you want to get an estimated pay-out for your injuries, then you should call a helpline for accident claimsand speak with a claims advisor. A claims advisor will be able to give you an estimated pay-out based on the information you provide. If you offer accurate details about your injuries and how your accident happened, then a claims advisor will be able to give you an estimate based on previous cases files that were processed in-house.

Alternatively, you can use a claims calculator, although these do not consider your individual circumstances, so they are less accurate than the estimates offered by a claims advisor.

Can I calculate my own pay-out?

It is not possible to calculate your own pay-out; however, it goes without saying that the worse your injuries are, and the bigger the impact they have had and will have on you, then the more financial compensation you can claim. And, in addition to the compensation awarded for your injuries, you can also claim compensation for financial losses related to your accident, such as lost income including overtime and out of pocket expenses. This is called ‘special damages’, and it can make up as much as 30 per cent of your claim.

How is a settlement demand determined?

To establish the extent of your injuries, a recovery period and a prognosis, you must attend a medical examination as set up by your solicitor. This usually takes place 2-3 weeks into the claims process. The medical examiner will create a current and up to date medical report on your behalf, which can then be used as evidence. Your solicitor will review the findings of the report and determine a settlement demand based on this. The settlement demand, however, must be fair and proportionate to your injuries, to be accepted by the other side.

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