Jonathan Bunge- His Valuable Insights On Youth Football & Life

There are several human beings who are not born celebrities. They are simple people leading daily lives. They work for a living and come home to pursue their passions and interests. At the same time, there are some individuals like Jonathan Bunge who work for a living but come home not to just pursue his interests and hobbies. He loves sharing them with all around. In the midst of sharing he renders valuable insights on youth football and compares it with life. He hails from Cleveland Ohio and is in the transport sector. He drives many vehicles over long distances and has an extensive knowledge on them as well. Jonathan is a man who writes too and while doing so, he shares some really valuable thoughts and ideas on youth football and how it plays a vital role in life.

Jonathan Bunge- His Valuable Insights On Youth Football & Life

Youth football actually helps the players of the game to benefit socially, physically and emotionally. People in the USA love the game as it is not confined to the rich and the famous. Jonathan says that the game is a working class game where the boys work as a team. Here, all the boys have to be together. They cannot be isolated and there is no chance of being isolated either. Obstacles arise and the player cannot avert it. It has to be faced and tackled with. Jonathan says this is very much like life. There are struggles and obstacles that you cannot avoid and you face it. It puts you to the test and you generally emerge a winner. The happiness at the end of this trial and error is inexplicable!

In life, Jonathan Bunge says there is no easy route. Football too does not give you an easy route for success. You have to work hard to win. Team playing skills and efforts are required for success. Like America, football teams are united and they hinder obstacles when there is unity among the players. The terrain is a challenging one and the best part of the game is that young players learn the skills of teamwork, perseverance, leadership and responsibility.

Jonathan Bunge also maintains that football is a game that invokes discipline and standing together no matter how challenging the situation may be. Young boys can really grow up to be strong men when they start playing football early. They become balanced human beings and at the same time stay together with commitment and devotion.

Jonathan Bunge also states that this wonderful game of football involves a lot of sacrifice. When young boys begin at a very young age they are able to get introduced into social groups effectively. Studies have shown that being physically active also lowers body fat and makes you mentally agile. It strengthens the muscles of the body and also ensures that the game inculcates good habits that can be followed throughout life. To young boys, this game is more than just a game- it is fun, camaraderie and friendship. It deals with success and failure and instills balance in a human being with success!

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