Junagadh – A Town Dotted By Multiple Edifices From The Medieval Era

Junagadh - A Town Dotted By Multiple Edifices From The Medieval Era

Junagadh is an ancient town set in the Saurashtra peninsula of the Indian state of Gujarat. It is a famous old town of the state and a melting pot of culture, religions, people, etc. It is a major tourism and pilgrimage in the state attracting large masses of backpackers, history buffs, and enthusiasts of architecture every year. It is about 105 k.m. from the port town of Porbandar and today, the eighth largest city in the parent state. Rich with nature and situated at the foothills of Girnar Range, it is splendid of natural beauty and experiences a tropical wet and dry climate. It is advisable to plan your tour of the town in winter as it is the time duration when the climate is most pleasant.

From its early emergence till India’s independence, different rulers from different dynasties and kingdom had their sway over the place. The Nawabs of Junagadh in particular are worth mentioning, who ruled the place for a considerately long time period and also made the city the capital of their kingdom. There are numerous old and ruined edifice and buildings from the past that still dot the place. Evidently, they attract a large amount of attention and thus making the place one of the most-frequented places in the state. The good thing is that there are multiple accommodation options ranging from cheap hotels to luxury hotels in Junagadh. Areas like Zanzarda Road and Alkapuri Road are full of affordable hotels that offer a value for money stay to their guests.
Junagadh - A Town Dotted By Multiple Edifices From The Medieval EraTourist attractions are spread all over the town and given below are a few of the most sought-after ones:

Wild Museum – It is a well-known attraction of the place and appeals to people with a keen interest in history and traditions. It is in close proximity to the zoo and houses an interesting and unique collection of artifacts. Stuffed animals, rare specimens of art furniture, inscriptions written in Sanskrit and Persian, and old coins are the must-see attractions here.

Ahmedpur Mandvi – It is a popular beach destination in Gujarat and generally remains thronged by visitors. Clean water, quiet surrounding, fishing villages, and colorful birds are the allures that keep you busy and attracted to the place the whole time.

Uparkot Fort – It is one of the most significant edifices of the region and believed to have survived over 16 sieges over a time duration of 1000 years. It is an old monument whose foundation was said to have been laid by Chandragupta Maurya in 319 B.C. It was conquered by several rulers and expanded and further strengthened by the subsequent rulers. It is also believed that the fort was abandoned between 7th and 8th centuries. Today, it is perhaps the largest reference to the history of the place and simply a stunning structure.

In addition, there are several other wonderful tourist attractions in and around the place. Head to the town to explore and relish all the tourist attractions and allures. For accommodation, there are multiple good 3 Star hotels in Junagadh to pick from.

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