Kasam Full Episode Colors TV Serial Cast and Wiki Story

Kasam Full Episode Colors TV Serial Cast and Wiki Story

About Kasam Serial:

Colors Tv Serial Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki is that the new providing premiered on 7 March 2016. it’s a tale of reincarnation and shows love in purest forms. Is is that the story of 2 altruistic lovers Rishi and Tanushree. Rishi and Tanu deeply love one another once meeting by twist of fate. Their destiny brought them along. Rishi and Tanu created guarantees of affection and closeness. They didn’t imagine their future and also the flip of events.

Kasam Wiki Story:

Rishi and Tanu’s romance begins in Patiala village. it’s such love that may fight with universe. Their love may be a Kasam/swear that they create to every different. Rishi and Tanu’s childhood is shown. 5 year recent Tanu and 7 year recent Rishi area unit smart friends, as their oldsters. Their families area unit shown next. Rishi’s mother Rano dislikes the growing bond between the children. A Heer Ranjha drama is shown and even there the love power of the lovers is clear. Shanta tells Tanu what true love means that, once person pray for someone’s happiness. Rano tells Rishi that cash is that the most significant factor, love isn’t that necessary. Tanu’s mother believes dotty, whereas Rishi’s mother doesn’t.

After the honest, Rishi chases a rabbit and is on the point of collapse the geological formation. simply then Tanu World Health Organization was at the honest hears his decision. She rushes and saves Rishi. everybody appreciate Tanu for saving Rishi courageously. the woman within the temple tells them that Rishi and Tanu area unit created for every different, Tanu can fight for Rishi’s life whenever required. Rano denies everything and thinks to send off Rishi abroad. Rishi’s father disagrees together with his married woman and goes to raise Tanu’s hand for Rishi from Tanu’s father Virender. Virender blithely agrees and asks dominion to travel to America to form his and Rishi’s future. They fix Rishi and Tanu’s proposal. Rishi and Tanu conjointly get happy.

The lady within the temple tells them that Rishi can face difficulties until he turns twenty three, however Tanu can continually defend him. very little Rishi and Tanu observe meeting years later and also the moon are going to be their common link until then. Rishi gets confused as Rano and Tanu says various things and have distinction opinions. Virender provides smart quantity to dominion oral communication he can want cash in America. He clears that he’s giving it for friendly relationship sake. Tanu provides the gifts to Rishi, asking him to check the moon once he misses her. Rano dislikes seeing Tanu with Rishi. She is set to separate them. Rishi provides his case to Tanu. Rishi flies off to America together with his family.

A leap of fifteen years is shown. dominion hosts a wresting match. He welcomes his son Rishi. Tanu involves temple and prays. Rishi fights well within the match. Tanu realizes Rishi is in drawback because the case falls in burning coal. Rishi starts losing the fight. Tanu puts her hand in coal and gets the case. Rishi then beats the opponent and is asserted the winner. Rishi doesn’t keep in mind Tanu, whereas Tanu waits for his come thirstily. Rishi parties once his win. Rishi spends time with associate yankee woman.

Virender refuses for a proposal for Tanu, and tells the woman that Tanu’s proposal is already mounted. Rishi flirts with the woman, World Health Organization seems to be Raj’s friend’s married woman. Rishi remembers the past and faints. dominion calls the doctor. Doctor tells dominion concerning Rishi’s nerve injury, however he’s out of danger currently. dominion tells Rano that Rishi can simply marry Tanu, else he can reveal all his property in charity. Virender sends associate email to dominion asking concerning Rishi. whereas Rano makes the assistant reply that Rishi is marrying a foreigner and Tanu ought to locomote too. Virender doesn’t tell this to Tanu, however Tanu overhears.

Tanu thinks to not run behind fate, and let Rishi come back to her if he’s extremely in her fate. Rano asks Rishi to travel India and refuse Tanu for wedding. Rishi asks the explanation for all this. Rano tells him that solely this fashion he will get his property. Tanu determines to maneuver on in life and currently her life belongs to only her and her oldsters. She goes to induce employment and calls her friend at field. Rishi lands in India to satisfy Tanu. Tanu believes a brand new chapter in her life can begin.

Kasam Full Episode

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