Keep Your Kids Safe and Comfortable With These Winter Skiing Tips

Keep Your Kids Safe and Comfortable With These Winter Skiing Tips

Many people begin their lifelong passion for skiing at a very early age. If you are preparing to bring your child to the slopes for the first time this year, then take a look at these few tips that will keep them as safe and comfortable as possible.

Keep Your Kids Safe and Comfortable With These Winter Skiing Tips


Parents should take some time to find a proper ski outfit that will keep their children warm, comfortable, and safe no matter the weather.


Young skiers should always have a waterproof and insulated jacket no matter what the forecast is. Those that would like a jacket with a hood should make sure that the hood fits comfortably over a helmet and goggles.


Ski pants should be insulated, waterproof, and breathable. For younger children, high-waist pants and one-piece ski suits are an excellent option. Most pants come with ankle gaiters that can be stuffed into the boots to keep snow out.

Innermost Layers

The innermost layer should always start with a warm pair of long underwear. Between their long underwear and the outer layer, they will want an insulating layer made of fleece or wool.

Additional Clothing and Accessories

You will also need to find your child a good set of socks and mittens to keep their hands and feet warm. Many sets of mittens have a rip-and-stick enclosure to keep disposable warmers on colder days. Medium-tint goggles are another necessity, and these should last for two to three seasons if they have an adjustable strap and are cared for properly.

Finding the Right Gear

Unless you plan on taking five or more skiing trips per year, it is generally a better idea to rent your basic equipment or lease it for the season. This is especially important for younger children that can grow out of their gear in as little as a year.


Beginners’ skis are generally wider and softer than all other skis. The specialist at your rental shop will find a pair of skis that reaches up to your child’s nose when they are standing upright. For most entry-level skiers, the dimensions will be around 4x67x92mm.

Boots and Bindings

Their boots and bindings should be rented on the same day as their skis to ensure a proper fit. At most stores, the skis will have a pair of integrated bindings to simplify the process. Rear-entry boots with three to four buckles will give your child maximum control over their skis and protect their ankles. The best way to find a good fit is to have your child place their feet in the boots without liners and push their foot forward. If you can fit three fingers between the heel and the shell, then it should be a good fit.


Children should wear ski helmets at all times. The best option for a younger child is a helmet with an adjustable chin strap and ventilation to keep their head cool. Purchasing a ski helmet can be a good investment as they can last for quite a few seasons.

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