Keeping Your Head Up During Bad Times

Keeping Your Head Up During Bad Times

In this pop culture world of changing beauty trends, it’s easy to become insecure if you fail to measure up to the images that flit across your television screen. It’s not uncommon to feel insignificant and insecure about our figures and everything else in between. However, we must learn to accept, bond, and become admirers of our own unique beauty and experiences, inside and out.

Keeping Your Head Up During Bad Times

Loving Yourself in the Here and Now

You may have gained some weight or let yourself go based upon a life issue, but learn to embrace and forgive yourself anyway. The hug you give yourself will be the fuel you need to get up and start loving yourself again. The first virtue you need to practice is gentleness. Being kind to yourself unlocks the door for both healing and growth. You must learn to let go of self-judgement if you want to grow.

Don’t Let Past Success or Failures Define You

It’s easy to get down on yourself even more if other traumas have happened in your life. You may have troubling memories of the time you got fired from the job you had that required you to run a hydrostatic test pump or the fact that you missed so many of your son’s football games. These incidents have a funny way of working on your psyche in a negative way. However, it’s crucial that you understand that everyone makes mistakes and you are no exception. Once you can embrace this philosophy fully you can grow from it and let the past go.

Putting Yourself Back Together

Once you’ve unpacked your baggage and taken a good look at everything, you’re in a position to start the healing process. Pace yourself during this season. Take small steps towards the beautiful woman that you were, and realize that you’ll be even better as a result of everything you’ve learned. Instead of looking at what you’ve been through as a scar, consider looking at the things you’ve survived as a rite of passage. You survived something very difficult and you’re more beautiful from the inside out as a result.

The act of surviving and living to see another day is a beautiful thing. No one can’t take all the growth that you’ve achieved away from you. Celebrate the growth and the unique beauty that is you.

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