Know In Detail About The Differences Between Natural, Akoya, Freshwater and Sea Pearls

Jewelleries that are designed using colourful stones are in quite demand in today’s world. The pieces that are designed in pearls are also in quite demand. When you visit nearby jewellery store and ask for the available pieces, then the first question that they ask you are about the type of pearl that you are looking for in your earring, bracelet or necklace.

Know In Detail About The Differences Between Natural, Akoya, Freshwater and Sea Pearls

Knowing about the difference between the available types in pearls can help you finalize the right pearl for our designer piece. Some of the pearl types are listed below.

  • Akoya Pearl

Japan is the first name that pops up every time you find information about Akoya Pearls. The oysters, which are chosen for breeding Akoya pearls is from the Family Pinctada (Genus Fucata and species martensii). With a small piece of tissue that is obtained from the mother oyster, round beaded pearl is obtained.

  • Natural Pearls

Natural pearls, as the name says, are the type of pearls that are obtained from the oysters that are bred in natural habitat. Sometimes the sand granule or other such foreign substances accidentally enter into the oyster shell. The sudden entry of such foreign bodies makes the oysters to release the layer of some nacre products around the substance. This ball of nacre layers later will be harvested as pearls.

  • Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater pearls are the pearls that are harvested from the oysters that exclusively breed in freshwater bodies. These pearls are also known as sea pearls. China is the country that is famous for breeding maximum number of freshwater oysters in the world.

  • Sea Pearls Obtained in South Sea

South sea pearls are the pearls that are obtained from the oysters that exclusively breed in saltwater. Japan, Australia, Indonesia and Philippines take pride in being the cultivator of oysters that produce such sea pearls.

Pearl jewellery is accessible in a wide array of forms and they definitely make a great gift. Be it adorning it or gifting it to your special friend or partner, you can stay lest assured that everyone will appreciate it. These even make quite a meaningful gifting option.

Whatever kind of pearl you buy, it definitely is a luxury and classic piece of jewelry and its value will increase with time. It does come with quite a symbolic meaning. Pearls are formed over the course of time, as years pass by. It is produced with utmost care and needs a lot of nurturing. This is why a closer attention is given when pearls of any sort is produced. It defines beauty, purity and innocence. There are a few cultures which even believe that adorning pearls exudes a sense of well-being.

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