Know It All: Organize Your Closet For The Winter Season

Know It All: Organize Your Closet For The Winter Season

Organizing your closet is the same process for all season. It’s sorting out what you need, cleaning up, and making decisions on which products you should buy and which clothing you should wear. But that doesn’t mean it’s all the same, because there are little closet challenges now and then, especially for the cold season.

It’s always good to note that you have to sync your year-round clothing to fit the season seamlessly. So how do you create a wardrobe full of clothes that are ready for winter? From updating your wardrobe to purchasing clothes that can layer for the cold weather, here are some tips to help you organize your closet for the winter.

Assess Your Clothes and Store Non-Winter Clothes Away

Before anything else, you always need to sort out your wardrobe first. It’s always better to evaluate your closet pieces first to check if it’s winter-ready or not. If you feel like the clothing that you own doesn’t work for you any longer, or you didn’t wear it for a year anymore, then it’s time to bid goodbye and donate it somewhere.

In this way, you’re clearing out older clothes which can only clutter your closet, especially if you want to make more space for your new winter clothes. Moreover, if you feel like keeping the non-winter clothes, like sleeveless tops and above-the-knee bottoms, then you can store them somewhere where they’ll be safe.

Perfect Your Storage Technique

All of your bulkiest clothes come together and tries their best to fit in your closet during winter. Clothing like sweatshirts, wool pants, heavy sweaters, gloves, socks, and all other warm pieces have to go together in one closet. For this reason, it’s best to sort out the clothes which you don’t need and be extra neat when putting clothes away.

With more clothes coming in your wardrobe, it’s also important that you know how to properly fold them and not just tossing sweaters and jackets all over the place. Perfect your storage techniques to create a much better winter wardrobe experience.

Store Your Accessories Properly

Winter accessories such as shoes need proper storage as well. The normal winter boots are much heavier compared to boots from other seasons. And considering the weather, it’s more likely to come into your house wet and dirty.

So if you usually store your summer shoes in your closet or a rack, then you need a new way of storing snow-covered boots. It’s probably best to store these shoes in areas that are far from a closet full of clothes.

Place other accessories such as gloves in bags or boxes after you use them to avoid losing their partners. Bags are perfect for winter as well, but remember to place them in places that are convenient for you. It’s a good idea to store these accessories somewhere that they’re safe and won’t harm other pieces that you have.


Winter is the time to dress in thick clothes to protect you from the cold. That’s why it’s important to stock your closet with pieces that can provide you with that result. Preparing your wardrobe for this season can surely help you achieve your goal of being trendy and ready for the winter. You can prepare for winter by browsing online sites such as French Connection and other reputable sites.

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