Know The Eligibility Criteria For Work Visa In Canada For Indians

Canada attracts millions of foreign skilled workers every year to support its workforce and contribute to the growth of its economy. The government of Canada demand all the foreign skilled workers who want to legally come and work in Canada must secure a work visa first. There are a variety of eligibility criteria set for the Work Visa in Canada and the applicants need to meet these eligibility criteria prior to applying for the work permit for Canada. Failure to which can lead to rejection of the visa application and you will not be granted to seek work visa to work and stay in Canada. So, below is the list of eligibility criteria for work visa in Canada which you need to fulfil in order to apply for the work visa for Canada.

Written Job Offer

In order to become eligible for obtaining the Canada Work Visa from India, your employer in Canada must endorse that you have got the legal written job offer from them to work in their organization in Canada. This will prove that the organization has legitimate labour opportunity waiting for the applicants in Canada and you are not entering the nation under any false pretence.

Know The Eligibility Criteria For Work Visa In Canada For Indians

Proof of Eligibility

The second most crucial thing is your proof of eligibility for the Work Visa in Canada. You are required to prove that you are eligible for meeting the minimum eligible requirements of the job by providing the authorities with the documentation, like your resume, curriculum vitae, work experience certificate and the educational qualification certificate.

Proof of Identity

Along with these documentations, the applicants are also required to provide a valid proof of idiot like travel documents or valid passport. These documents would prove your age and guarantee that you will return back to your nation once you complete the validity of your Work Visa in Canada and will not stay back in Canada after the visa expires. Applicants who are applying from India must provide the proof of their present immigration status and certificate to prove that they have the legal status in applicant’s country of residence is also necessary.

Requirements for Entering Canada           

It is essential that the applicants meet the basic eligibility criteria for entering the nation. In some cases, the applicants are required to provide a copy of valid passport and the temporary resident visa. To know if you really need the visa for entering the nation, you must visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website to know the countries that require temporary resident visas or other visas to enter the Canada to work and stay there.

Application Fees

The Canadian Government has set application fees for Canada Work Visa for Indian citizens and all the applicants are required to pay off the application fees as a part of the requirements of the work visa for Canada. The fees can be paid either online in local currency via the website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

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