Know What Building Maintenance Company Does?

Know What Building Maintenance Company Does?

The Work Involved With a Maintenance Company

As a janitor it is important for the companies you clean for to know how much work you do because there’s a lot you do. You should also make sure that you have help when cleaning a bigger company’s office building. Janitorial cleaning in Raleigh may involve you doing some groundwork, deep cleaning on the inside, some plumbing, outside work, and inspections around the property. All of these things are good to know especially for people that would want to be apart of your building maintenance company.Know What Building Maintenance Company Does?

Duties Involved With Grounds Work

If your boss were to tell you that you need to clean the grounds, they mean the property outside the building. You may end up picking up trash or mowing the grass. You may also pull weeds or you might want to plant some flowers. It all depends on the company you are cleaning for and what they want.

Deep Cleaning on the Inside of the Building

When you clean the inside such as the hallways, you may want to clean those while everyone is hard at work inside their offices. You could also clean the big areas that are out in the phone before the employees arrive to work. That way it will be all done and you can do it again after they leave if that is requested by your manager. Deep cleaning involves cleaning the bathrooms and mopping every tile or hardwood flooring. You should also be vacuuming all carpeted area, and it would not hurt to do some dusting. You may want to wipe down all the baseboards.

Helping With Any Plumbing Issues

On a day to day basis you may run into troubles with plumbing. Someone who works at the place you are cleaning for may find you and let you know that a toilet is stopped up in the bathroom. They come to you because you have the tools to get it drained. Another problem could be that the entire bathroom may be flooded, and that may have something to do with the sink or the toilet. There may also be floods elsewhere such as a pipe bursting.

Cleaning the Outside of the Building

Some duties you may be faced with on the outside of the building could involve washing the windows or cleaning the building. Since this is outside work, things do get dirty often. If the building is old, pressure washing may help clean it up a bit to make it look cleaner.

Inspections on the Property

You should not need to wait for a manager to come look at the work you have done. Once you are done with everything on your list, then you should inspect it yourself. You know what you are capable of and you know what you cleaned. It would not hurt to go over your work again at the end of your day to make sure you did not miss anything. If you did miss even the smallest detail, clean it up thoroughly.

One janitor may not be taking care of ground work by themselves or cleaning the inside by themselves. You work as a team to complete everything such as taking care of the plumbing, the outside work, and even to inspect the property you are working on. There may be a lot of people working on these projects, but it is still an all day job. Since you are working for a maintenance company, you have to work when the company you are cleaning for. Janitorial cleaning in Raleigh is something you should be proud of because if it were not for you, businesses would not be able to function properly.

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