Kotdwar – A Spiritually Enlightening Journey In Land Of Uttarakhand

One of the most beautiful places in Uttarakhand, this place is widely visited by tourists and domestic travelers alike for its religious significance. There is a huge array of temples scattered across the this small town which serves as a perfect pilgrimage point in addition to being a brilliant weekend getaway destination. This article talk about the various temples and places of interest in and around Kotdwar.

Kotdwar or Kotdwara is a town in the Pauri Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. It is located in the south-western region of the state and is one of the principle passage and entry point ot Uttarakhand. Kotdwar is widely known for being a religious place. It plays home to many important temples. According to the historical backdrop of the locale, it was ruled over by the Mauryan Empire under the immense ruler, Ashoka since years. Later on, the Katyuri Kingdom assumed control over the charge and afterward the Panwar line of Garhwal

Kotdwar - A Spiritually Enlightening Journey In Land Of Uttarakhand

There are many places of interest in and around Kotdwar that intrigues the visitors from beautiful hill stations to National Parks and the various temples. The most prevalent hotspot of the surrounding area people travel to is the nearby hill station town of Lansdowne. A short ride of about an hour from a Kotdwar to Lansdowne taxi makes you reach your destination of a beautiful landscape with thick oaks and blue pine woodlands. This hill station is a standout amongst the other hill stations of that area making it a perfect choice of many for a weekend getaway.

Kotdwar is also one of the gateway to one of the most popular parks in India, The Jim Corbett National Park. This entrance gives access to the particular section of the Corbett Tiger Reserve of the Jim Corbett National Park. The major temples in Kotdwar include the Tarkeshwar Temple, Devi Bhagwati Temple, Madan Puri Devi, Koteshwar Mahadev and Durga Devi Temple. All these temples have a significant history and myth surrounding it thus drawing people from all over the country to come and pay homage depending on their purpose and prayer. Among the temples, some are visited by childless couples who believe after praying for a certain of time in the temple will be blessed with a child while there are some temples where you will see not only Hindu devotees but people from various other communities. Places like Kanva Ashram has historical significance as it is believed that in ancient times, about 10,000 pupils used to get trained by Kanva Rishi in the ashram

While on your way to Lansdowne on-board the Kotdwar to Lansdowne taxi, at a distance of just 2 kms away from Kotdwar, you will come across the Sidhbali temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman. This is one incredibly famous spot especially for Hindus, who would always make it a point to stop and visit and pay their respects before they move on with their journey.

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