Kratom: The Best Herb for Losing Body Weight Easily

Weight loss is not the key purpose for using Kratom. The benefits of this herb are wide ranging, varying from energy regulation, pain relief, easing off anxiety and depression. Mostly you’ll hear people taking this herb to lose weight, however this is just one of its various benefits.
Effects of Mentioned Herb

  • Appetite Suppression

It results in suppression of user’s appetite, which is visible in very few dosages. Unlike other pills, appetite suppression from using it doesn’t lead to souring stomach or any other aftermaths. You can easily lose few pounds in few dosages. Its consumption doesn’t make you feel that hungry, the way you used to thereby making it quite easy for users to lose weight.

  • Reduction in Craving

In market, the many foods contain high levels of addictive proportions. Such foods are sweets like pastries or candies, fast food or other refined carbohydrates. It has been noticed by the users of mentioned herb, that besides reduction in hunger, they no longer tend to feel the same level of craving from carb or fat foods, the way they used to.
The diet of user can change dramatically without putting extra efforts. The main reason for this craving reduction is because the alkaloid levels found in the mentioned herb can easily trigger the reward pathways of brain. This in turn, can easily substitute the reward zones of brain that are usually pleasured by consumption of unhealthy fast food.

  • Indirect Effects

It has been found by the users that the mentioned herb works the best when your stomach is empty. In case, you are consuming it on a regular basis, you’ll be able to notice that without much willpower, you can to a greater extent, subconsciously space the meals to get the full effect from the herb, which thereby reduces your overall food intake.
As the herb is very effective, those people who already have less weight must not consume it on a regular basis, however if they do, they should try eating more food.
Factors Affecting Effectiveness of the Herb in Weight Reduction

  • Dosage

The ideal dosage of the mentioned herb varies from one person to another since each person has different type of body. Usually, the best dose for weight loss should be “moderate”, but it’s still important to test it on you for getting the required results. Low dosage consists of 1 to 2 grams consumption, while moderate dose should be between 2 to 5 grams. The high dosage lies between 5 to 7 grams. However, it’s advisable to consult your health care practitioner about the dosage you should take.

  • Stains And Types

For people willing to get the best results from using this herb need to pick the exact strains. It has been suggested that the suitable strains for this are Maeng Da, white vein and Thai strains. Usually, Thai strains are the most efficient for appetite suppression because of their energetic/stimulating properties.
Maeng Da is also very effective, but this varies from product to product and vendor to vendor because some Maeng Da is more sedating and others are more stimulating.
Hope this guide will assist you in taking the right amount of mentioned herb for weight loss.

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