Learning To Love Mathematics

Rishi Kowalski is a math major by profession. The man has an obsession with numbers and stats and considers analyzing data and visualization as his favorite pastime.

His Education and Early Life;

Rishi is a mathematics student at the Amherst College and ever since his student days, he had an attraction towards numbers and figures. He was a bright student and that is not what we say, it is the opinion of his teachers and professors. When Rishi is not studying, he likes to indulge in house music, bike riding and also swimming.

Learning To Love Mathematics

His unique take to Mathematics;

One of the things which make Rishi Kowalski so good is that be believes that mathematics can be applied to just about every aspect of life. He has written numerous blogs concerning his viewpoints namely- “how music is being redefined by Mathematics” or “how mathematics can be used to find true love.”

The Ideas which he Expresses through Blogs;

In his first blog, Mr. Rishi explains mathematics as a beautiful subject and that in order to understand the depths of its versatility; one has to have an entirely different perspective. He says that mathematics can be used not just for serious stuff such as stock markets or financial reporting, but can also put to usage for other aspects of life such as music, film and even love. He holds the view point that mathematics might explain the reason why different communities prefer music likings. He says that the answer or reason may lie in the beat and rhythm. When music enters into a person’s ears, it stimulates specific bones and muscles.

With the collaboration of math and science, one can get to understand that there are certain sets of beats which generate a unique experience in the ears and prompts a few good hormone namely dopamine and serotonin. In fact on further research we found that with this knowledge some progressive music artists applied mathematics to their music- electronica is one such expansive and popular music genre. He explains all this in one of his blogs and makes others know about this intriguing concept.

In another one of his blogs, Mr. Rishi, explains that mathematics can be used to interpret love as an aspect which is full with patterns. He makes people come across about how mathematics can give out signals to an individual about the right time to settle down.

His Greatest Attribute;

One of the great things of Mr. Rishi Kowalski is that he constantly wants to upgrade himself regarding the subject and for that he also studied with numerous mathematical applications from different industries. He also loves to share his knowledge to all the young students in all kinds of fields and tries to make the society know and appreciate this fabulous subject. He is truly a talented individual initiating some great revolution in the subject.  

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