Make Your Closet Look Neat And Perfect With The Right Clothes Hangers

Your closet is one of the things you see every day. Many times you manage your clothes in the neatest way, but still, it may look clumsy. Most of the times, you manage your clothes with the help of hangers, and yet it may not give a clean look. It is natural that hangers keep your clothes wrinkle-free. But, it is very important that you should be using the right hangers for your different types of clothes.

It is true that the right clothing hanger can mean the difference between a cluttered over-packed closet and an organized one that sustains the quality of your clothes.

Make Your Closet Look Neat And Perfect With The Right Clothes Hangers

However, let us take a look at some of the important facts that you need to consider before buying hangers for your precious clothes.

Take Into Account The Fabrics

There is no doubt that hangers keep your clothes wrinkle-free, but it is also a fact that lots of clothes get damaged by the hangers. The arms of hangers can most of the time stretch out the shoulders of your precious and favourite clothes. Especially, they stretch out the shoulder areas on knit fabrics and delicate blouses. To avoid these “shoulder bumps”, you can bring in some hangers with padded arms. Alternatively, you can also attach pieces of foam to your existing ones to avoid this damage to your favourite outfits.

Consider The Size

The size of the hanger you choose is one of the important things you should consider before buying it. For example, a wire hanger may collapse under the weight of an oversize winter jacket. In this case, you may invest in some sturdy wooden hangers. However, this option may be a bit pricey, so alternatively, you can also go for purchasing flat velvet hangers. These hangers are quite affordable compared to those sturdy wooden ones. Moreover, the flat velvet hangers save space and their fuzzy material prevents clothes from slipping off. Also, they are equally stylish as the wooden hangers. Therefore, enhance your closet with the flat velvet hangers to make your clothes look more stylish.

Folding Or Clipping

It is always easier to hang your pants with clips on the hangers so that they do not fall off. However, if you fold your pants in half over a hanger rod, it can save you a lot of space. Moreover, the hanger arms are open to store a suit jacket or your favourite shirt that you like to wear with those pants. You can save extra space by buying multi-rod pants hanger. When you have skirts and strapless dresses, hangers with clips may be only the option to maintain them. However, you have to be careful while using these hangers, as the clips leave a dent in lighter fabrics like satin or cotton.

You can easily deal with this issue by adding a piece of thin flexible foam in between the clips and your clothes. Also, you can use strips of wax for this purpose.

Different Types Of Hangers 

  • Wooden: Wooden hangers are the all-time favorite ones of everyone. They add a touch of timeless sophistication to your closet. Also, they come with hooks that offer greater flexibility and functionality to your closet. Wooden hangers happen to be the sturdiest ones and so you have that peace of mind for your clothes from any kind of damage or even slipping off. They are mostly used for woolen clothes and other heavy clothing items. The material of these hangers is very durable, so you are assured of them to not break in any case.
  • Plastic Hangers: Plastic tubular hangers are ideally used to hang light-weight clothes or moderate clothing. For example, you can use these hangers for blouses, shirts, and simple dresses. They are durable as well as cost effective to use.
  • Velvet Hangers: Velvet hangers are best to use for clothes to prevent them from slipping off. Also, they are ideal for hanging delicate items due to their velvet material. These hangers reduce the pressure points on the clothes, which ensures the long life of your favorite outfits.
  • Foam-Coated Metal Hangers: Foam-coated metal hangers are ideal for all kinds of clothing. They offer durability and polished look of metal hanger. Moreover, they also have the anti-slip properties of velvet hangers.
  • Metal hangers: Metal hangers are ideal for light-weight clothing. They offer space-saving properties, which make them an ideal choice.

So, what are you waiting for? Just bring the right hangers for enhancing the style of your closet and outfits.

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