Marine Survey Services: All You Need To Know

Marine Survey Services All You Need To Know

Major marine and offshore projects carry a significant amount of risk of loss and damage. As such, they require expert knowledge to be applied to their planning and execution.

Marine Survey Services All You Need To Know

Marine Warranty Surveyors provide independent experts for the review, approval and observation of the planning, construction and implementation phases of large scale marine and offshore projects.

Industry Expertise

Marine survey services are provided by industry professionals, including Master Mariners and Chief Engineers. They act in the interests of owners, operators and underwriters of marine and offshore assets, ensuring that approved codes of practice and work standards are adhered to.

A Variety of Industry Sectors

Marine warranty surveyors are not only concerned with vessels and offshore platforms. The movement of marine structures such as drilling platforms, pipe laying and the construction and locating of offshore wind farms are just a few examples of other offshore areas covered. Furthermore, some companies are also able to offer assistance in marine-related on shore projects, such as LNG plants, loading and discharge port terminals and cargo transportation.

Risk Mitigation

All of these projects carry high levels of risk, which need to be determined, mitigated and monitored throughout the entire project. This offers protection for the project underwriters and confidence for the owner / operator. Not only is warranty survey normally a requirement of the insurance policy for the project, but it is a proven method to reduce risk and claims, and therefore the cost of insurance is also reduced.

A surveyor will generally provide a review of proposed procedures for a project and recommend any adjustments or improvements. They will attend the site for key operations. Repeated operations need not always be attended individually if the initial review of processes is undertaken thoroughly enough. Certificates of Approval should be issued prior to operations commencing. A survey of support equipment may also be included.

A company with a large global office network can offer comprehensive support to large multinational projects, as well as local surveyors for smaller, regional jobs.

Some companies undertaking marine survey services can provide an online tracking tool. The client may then monitor the progress of their project and deliverables in real time, which simplifies the management of multisite projects by offering a web-based project management structure.

Covering the Lifecycle

Throughout the life of an asset, technical audits can be offered to monitor and improve operational efficiency and compliance. They can assess the operation and maintenance of equipment and systems against the initial project design intent, to ensure continued good practice. They may also identify improvements in technology that may assist in the operation of an asset.

Following through the lifecycle, assistance is also often offered in decommissioning projects for offshore platforms, pipelines and wells, as well as in the growing field of renewable energy resources. Alternatively, life extension projects may require verification and recommendation.

In summary, a good MWS will assist in the identification, mitigation and management of risk in large projects, by providing expert, independent review and recommendation.

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