Match Your Need With The Different Types Of Garage Door Types

Garage doors are available in different patterns and styles. A simple search on the internet will provide you plenty of results.

Different Style of Doors

Canopy Style

Canopy style is the most famous and best opted door form. It is usually 8 feet in width and about 1/3rd of the height of the panel. It protrudes out when the doors are opened and make it look like a canopy.

Right above the door panel of the garage is the torsion spring fixed. Through this, you may lift the door with the help of steel cables and the drums that are in cone shape. These cone shaped instrument are fixed at the point where the spring ends.

Match Your Need With The Different Types Of Garage Door Types

The doors that are 8 feet in width are obviously heavy to lift. However, if canopy style is opted for that this form is very safe as the rectangular shape keeps the door intact.

This version of garage door is very easy to install/ fix. It also provides proper drive through width as compared to others. You may use a remote control to operate it, but for that special motors have to be fixed. These motors are called converter arm of the canopy. These motors are very expensive to buy.


This shape is gaining popularity slowly. They are gaining fame because of their flexibility to be able to get converted into ‘remote control friendly’. The extent of reliability is more with these doors. There is no use of cables in these types of doors.

This door is a single piece form. It is 8 feet in width and it uses gear that is rectangle in shape. It has larger springs and arms that are potent to cope with the heavy panels of the door (they are better than canopy style in this regard).

The drive through space reduces when the door opens because the lifting arms get positioned in the sub frame interior. If the area where you are planning to get the door fixed is limited and requires acute space management, beware of the calculations of the space management.

Sectional Doors

Sectional doors are better because they do not swing out while closing or opening. This is because the entire door is divided into parts in horizontal patterns. These patterns are fixed on the vertical tracks.

Each panel has two rollers. This gives a very good grip and keeps the movement of the panels very flexible. They are available in 20-42mm thickness. You may convert it into remote controlled garage door as well.

If you face any problem with the doors, you can always take help of professionals such as garage door repairs San Diego.

More Types

The variety is more when it comes to the garage door types. They are also available in the following types:-

  • Round the corner
  • Side hinged
  • Silvelox
  • Special styles

Finish your homework before you plan to get a door made for your garage. Check the measurements and your capacity to be able to maintain the same. The variety is plenty, so take your time and decide the right one.

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