Medical Entrance Exam Preparation: Expert Opinion

Medical Entrance Exam Preparation: Expert Opinion

Medical entrance exams appears every year. Students need to come forward with a proper and strategic preparation. To crack the examination successfully, students need to pull their socks and make a proper study plan. If students wish to get closer to their dream of becoming a successful doctor, they need to score higher rank. This is possible only if they work hard and make most of the available time.

A few months are left for medical exams like NEET. Students might have prepared for the exam with great zeal and enthusiasm. However, it is not easier to crack this toughest examination by just burning the midnight oil.

Students need to follow a proper study plan along with expert preparation strategy to move through the selection process. Considering all the aspects, you must plan strategically along with a thorough revision of the syllabus.

Design a plan and follow it:

There are 3 types of question patterns in each examination. Students need to prepare for topics as per the weightage in exam. Topics that are extensive and time-taking must be prepared carefully. Take examples from online test series to prepare for the examination thoroughly.

Practice to become better:

Practicing is the most important element. Don’t leave the practice part. After completing the medical entrance exam preparation, students should practice sample papers available online.


Students should focus on revising conceptual notes rather than opting for rote learning from guide books. They should make sure that they keep revising notes in the last 20-25 days. Also, make sure that time management skills are geared for long session.

Hard work and persistence is the key to scoring high:

Students get serious only a few weeks before the examination. Students might feel that things are not getting worked as per the plan or they are not working. So, it is suggested not to give up and keep working hard.

Never underestimate SWOT analysis:

It is important to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats before the final exam preparation. It is important to analyze each section by solving online test series. Try to understand whether you are attempting more incorrect answers or correct ones. If you are attempting large number of questions but marking most of them wrong, you need to focus on attempting the correct ones. Secondly, you need to avoid those questions which are doubtful to avoid negative marking.

Understanding the medical examination:

Everything right from the exam pattern, marking scheme, and application form submission details should be known beforehand. There are students who either miss the exam center or forget the last date of form submission. To avoid such mistakes, you need to keep yourself updated along with medical entrance exam preparation.

Final verdict!

Mock tests are important for self-assessment. While preparing for medical entrance exams, you need to identify your strength and weaknesses on various topics to make yourself completely prepared for the examination. As the saying goes, “where there is a will, there is a way”, so if you really want to find out a way, keep yourself engrossed with the best preparation techniques. The expert advice given above will definitely open your ways towards a successful career.

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