Miracle Of Honey And Its Health Benefits

Honey is a sweet food make ​​by bees from the nectar of flowers. Honey is one of the healthiest foods, Rather, it is a super food because it contains vitamins, amino acids, organic acids, Minerals, enzymes from the bees, bioflavonoids and antioxidants that gives a tremendous therapeutic value.

Among the vitamins, The most important are the B complex and somewhat smaller quantities, vitamins C, A, D and K. In turn, minerals present in honey in a form easily assimilated by the human body, are very numerous, varying depending on the type of honey: potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus extremely small amounts of selenium, chromium and iodine.

Miracle Of Honey And Its Health Benefits

Honey can be used as a means of disease prevention


According to the Recent studies in several countries of the world, shows that total replacement of sugar with honey diet leads to a 60-70% decrease in the rate of diabetes. Especially in the diets of children and young people is recommended to use honey as a sweetener unique because it helps prevent juvenile diabetes.


Honey is also recommended, total replacement of sugar with honey, which doesn’t give the same dependence, Recent research shows that over 60% of obese worldwide are practically addicted to sugar and, especially, of products containing it (chocolate, cakes, juices, candy, ice cream). The honey, this dependence does not appear.


Daily consumption of honey prevents the disease of constipation. The dose is taken every day is two teaspoons of honey, liquid and fresh as possible (obtained in the year).

Dental Caries

The consumption of sugar. Since the advent of sugar in the diet, after 200 years, the rate of occurrence of diseases such as tooth decay, diabetes, obesity has increased exponentially. Currently, dental caries is the most prevalent disease in the world, 98% of the world population suffering from it. If you want to curb the phenomenon of this problem completely replace sugar with honey.

Growth and Developmental Disorders in Children

Can be highly effective systematically prevented by eating honey and bee pollen, Both products harmoniously stimulates growth and development processes, both physically and mentally.


Occurs when the body no longer synthesized enough estrogen, Hormones that play a crucial role in calcium fastening. All types of honey contain small amounts of royal jelly, The richest natural substance in this type of hormones. Therefore, Daily consumption of honey provides a systematic body hormone that aid, helping to prevent disease.

Be careful though, Honey is not recommended for children younger than 1 year. Also, people who suffer from diabetes and the metabolic syndrome should consume honey only with your doctor’s suggestion.

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