Modern Dining Room Design With Luxury Ceilings

While renovating your house, you can change the wall paint color, curtains, furniture, floors or tiles. With all this things on your renovation list you may easily forget about the ceilings. Changing the ceiling style or adding an attractive ceiling design to the plain ceiling of your living room is an excellent idea. But the combination of a renovated living room and a simple dining room is discouraging- it will simply present a dull and indecorous look to the house. Therefore, you should also go for the designing of dining room ceiling.

The dining room is a vital section of your house; it provides the space for the gathering of family and friends, along with the hosting of parties and dinners. You try your best to provide your guests the comfy furniture, soothing atmosphere, and most importantly the delicious food and beverages. Obviously, you eagerly wait for the moment when your guests will pass a praise of appreciation to you, applauding the excellent food quality. But it would be disappointing when the typical ceiling makes the room appear dull and cast a shadow over your hard-work.

You will be surprised but plain white ceiling can make all that decoration, and friendly atmosphere compromised if your ceiling looks gloomy. Why would you give your friends a chance to point out the unadorned ceiling? Below are some of the great ceiling designs for the dining room that you can select according to your budget, room interior, and personal affinity.

Tray Ceiling

Tray ceiling resembles the shape of an upside-down tray because its center is higher than the surrounding sides. In other words, you can say that the middle part is engraved upwards with the sides inclining downwards. A tray ceiling can be further decorated by attaching crown molding along the edges and adding striking patterns through the installation of wallpapers, tiles, and wooden panels. Paint is another powerful tool for adding a breathtaking touch to the ceiling. You can choose contrasting colors for painting the central part and sides for a vibrant look. Lighter colors are always recommended because these give a perception of a wider room.

Modern Dining Room Design With Luxury Ceilings

by MHK Architecture & Planning

Wooden Planks

Since centuries, wood was used as a premier decorating material- it looks captivating but also brings luxurious and soothing ambiance into the room. Wood can be used for the renovation and improvement of the dining room in many ways. You have the options of laying the wooden sheets on entire walls or simple on few parts. But it should be ensured that it compliments with the room furniture and interior design. In addition to this, wooden panels or beams can be applied to cathedral and vaulted ceilings. Wood decoration added to the room ceiling design instills warmth and coziness in the atmosphere. Lighting plays an important role in accentuating the intricate details.

Modern Dining Room Design With Luxury Ceilings

by Studio LAB, LLC

Coffered Ceiling

The coffered ceiling consists of well-arranged panels- usually in the shape of a square, rectangle, hexagon- on the ceiling. The recessed panels coated with shades that resemble the color scheme of the furniture and decorative elements. Alongside, the color of emerged boundaries between the panels painted in the distinct shade. If the furniture style allows, wooden beams can be installed, which can be made from real wood or other faux materials. Coffered ceiling gives any room a charming appearance.

Modern Dining Room Design With Luxury Ceilings

by 2 Design Group

Drop Ceiling

Also known as dropped or suspended ceiling, faux ceilings are prominent features of contemporary homes. Since these are lower than the actual ceiling, drop ceiling acts as a second ceiling of the room. The small space between these ceilings surface allows the concealing of unnecessary material such as exposed wires, surface irregularities, pipes, etc. which would otherwise appear unpleasant. Moreover, it also decreases the room height which makes the cooling and heating of the room easier and economical.

Modern Dining Room Design With Luxury Ceilings

by the orpin group

On the downside, their increased popularity have made them very common due to which you can’t surprise with this ceilings anymore. Along with this, the decreased height makes the room appear smaller and clustered. Despite few disadvantages, the drop ceiling is grand ceiling style that transforms a simple room into an elegant place.

Other than these stunning styles, you also have the options to use patterned wallpapers, and concave shaped ceilings. You also have the choice to add textures to walls that are emerged outwards, which are appealing yet economical. The ceiling style should be selected by closely reviewing the existing décor of the dining room so that décor enhances the look instead of spoiling it. Money spent on interior decoration is a long-term investment, as it will accompany you for several years. So make the ceiling selection wisely!

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