Modular Addition – Brief Explanation about the Procedure

When you think of remodeling your home, you can do so either by staying at home or by relocating temporarily. If you decide to continue with the plan of staying at home, then you might have to experience constant dusty atmosphere till the work is completed or you may have to stay within limited space area.
Sometimes, you do not wish to move temporarily from your home and yet do not like to limit your space either. During such cases, Modular Addition option will be your best choice.
What is Modular Addition?
“Module” is a term that is used to define a box or closed area. Modular addition is the term that is used to define the idea of adding extra room to your home, but not building it on site. When the whole space is built somewhere else, it will be transported to your house and will be installed externally. This option is also known as “instant” finished addition.
While designing a modular addition, you can personally customize the inner space and get everything designed as per your requirement. It includes plumbing, drywall, electrical lining, etc. Modular addition option is available in two different types,

  • Creating an in-law apartment. This option is also known as making a separate living unit.
  • Creating additional spaces such as dining room, playroom, great room, etc.

When you plan to build a new modular apartment, the first option is the right choice for you. Here, you can get the whole area customized and finally get it installed in one go.
The second option is best suited for you, if you plan to add an extra storey in your house. Instead of going through many hassles that come with building a whole new house, you can get it instantly attached onto your home, since all the designing and construction work will be carried out elsewhere.
Benefits of Modular Addition
There are many benefits associated with modular addition. Some are listed below.

  • Factory Built Advantages

By choosing factory built advantages, you can enjoy availing factory built benefits such as best quality insulation, installation of energy efficiency options, early completion of the project, constant quality checking, etc.

  • Escape from Facing Dusty Environment

Remodeling or even breaking a wall creates dusty environment, till the work is done. With modular addition option, you can escape from such situation.
Construction Issues
Planning to go with the idea of modular room additions is actually the best option, if you ever think of extending your home space. Even though modular addition procedure is not done following the traditional method, it will also face the same issues that might follow with regular home extension process.
For instance, if you will not get the approval for adding extra storey in your home because of some rules, then you cannot think of choosing modular addition process. The definition of house extension will not change whether it in an instant method or the entire process takes few months.
Financing the Project
The important thing to consider while adding an extra storey in your home is to decide your mode of payment. You can either opt for full cash payment option, or can take help from financial institutions or banks to apply for loans.

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