Mount Aconcagua: Kick-Start Your Life after a Visit to This Mountain

The mountains not only help to breathe new life into us but also these enrich our experience of life. During your climbing day at Aconcagua, you will learn to know life more closely.

If you have adventure running through your veins, then this place will surely enrich your experience. In southern and western hemispheres, Aconcagua is the highest mountain. And it’s the second-highest mountain of the seven summits located in the Andes mountain range Argentina. The mountain entirely lies on the east of Argentina’s border with Chile. It’s an easy mountain for climbing according to mountaineers. Because using certain routes, mountaineers can reach its summit without the help of any equipment. That is the reason every year numerous expeditions have been done on this mountain.

The origin of the mountain

The collision of the Nazca plate and South American plate helped to create the mountain. It used to be an active volcano consisting of several volcanic eruptions on the edge of a basin with a shallow sea.

What Aconcagua is famous for?

Climbing the mountain

Every year lot of expeditions have been done on the mountain. There are professional organizations which conduct these expeditions with 100 percent success rate. Being an adventure seeker you will definitely love this place. Aconcagua climb is easy as compared to others but if you are unaware of mountain climbing then definitely you should take help from these organizations. Because there are risks involved in climbing. Without the help of proper gear, you should never attempt climbing. Talking about gear, make sure you run a trial check on your gear, so that you can avoid future inconvenience.

The Scenic Beauty

The mountain is popularly known for its breath-taking view. Every year it draws a huge number of tourist just because of its jaw-dropping view and pleasant climate. But, in the winter session people avoid trying to summit the mountain because the temperature drops to minus 30C. Being extremely beautiful it is also a dangerous endeavour that requires experience. Mostly, people who underestimate the risk here end up paying their life.

Aconcagua Provincial Park

Aconcagua Provincial Park is located in Argentina. It offers immense mountain peaks along with long deep valleys. There are fast-flowing rivers and life is thriving all over the place.


The mountain is famous for mountains trekking, beauty, climate, etc. It is the highest mountain in Argentina. If you want to go for an Aconcagua climb then it’s best to go along with a group or organization. There are organizations which conduct expeditions on a period gap. They have professional and experienced mountaineers who ensure high-end safety to the climbers. Although it is said that Aconcagua is easy to climb but mountains are harsh as well. So, to avoid any risks it is better that you ride with the ones who have gone through the same.

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