Mysore – A Great Escape Into The Rich History Of India

Mysore - A Great Escape Into The Rich History Of India

It is always an interesting thing to do to visit one of the historic cities in the country during the holidays and spend them relishing the deep-rooted culture and old historic monuments that connect them to their glorious past, appetizing ethnic food that are generally sodden in different earthy spices and offer a taste of the flavors of India, and the quaint modern-day paradox jostling for space as the cities try to preserve their historic architectures. Regions in south India are full of such cities and places that count amongst the oldest cities in the country and compete with other metropolitans to climb at the top. Mysore is one of such cities. Best known for its palatial palaces that showcase the opulence and valor of the Wodeyars, who ruled the city for a considerately long period of time, it is a city where food is sumptuous, tourist attractions are in abundance, weather is generally pleasant except for a few months, people are often welcoming and keep a practical attitude towards life, while giving the traditional values and morales great significance.
Mysore - A Great Escape Into The Rich History Of India

Tourism is big here and the large influxes of tourists solidify the fact. A number of plush hotels, government guest houses, lodges, Oyo rooms in Mysore, etc. have emerged in the city over the past few decades. Therefore, finding a comfortable lodging is something that is quite easy. With plenty of hotels in the commerce areas, there also exist hotels on the outskirts of the city that one can consider for an undistributed stay experience.

Fondly called the city of palaces, a number of large and small palaces dot the city that are as beautiful inside as they are on the outside. With Mysore Palace being its most highlighted allure, the palace has pretty much become the symbol of the city. Visiting the palace straight ahead without halting to visit the other tourist attraction on the midway is the usual scene with the tourists. In fact, a visit to the palace is just worth as it is the former abode of the rulers of the city. Adored with beautiful artworks, rosewood doors that are carved with great details, ceiling filled with inlaid ivory work, impressive collection of caskets, marble figurines, etc., the palace is free from the bounds of time. It exhibits the best blend of Indo-Saracenic and Hoysala architecture style making it visually treating. The beauty of the palace is simply bewitching when it is lit up using thousands of bulbs in festive nights and on every weekend.

Visiting the parks and gardens should also be in your list of things to do. There are about 180 parks and playgrounds that show how close the locals are to the nature. Kishkindha Moolika Bonsai Garden, Rajiv Gandhi National Park, Brindavan Gardens, etc. are some of the major parks that you might like to visit. Plus, a visit to Kukkarahalli Lake, Krishnaraja Sagar dam,Chamundi Hills, Mysore Zoo, Karanji Lake, etc. is worth as it lets one relish the rich nature of the region.

There are different other interesting attractions and allures to the city that can be best relished if only one is actually in the place. Head to the quaint city on next vacation and pick from the best hotels in Mysore, there are plenty of them.

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