New Delhi – A Guide For The First Time Traveller

With a taste of the old and the new, the energizing and fascinating city of Delhi is a city which attracts more and more visitors with each passing year. There are still a good number of people longing for a taste of the city and this article is aimed to guide the first time travellers to the city.

Delhi is the quintessential place to experience every one of that conveys individuals to India: history, society, rich food, deep sense of belonging, franticness, and sometimes even chaos. Spend a day in the midst of its lived-in wonder, and you’ll understand why such a variety of fights have been battled about it being the greatest city in the country.

New Delhi - A Guide For The First Time Traveller

Delhi has brilliant connectivity and if you are a tourist you will arrive in the Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport, along the southwestern edge of the city. It has separate terminals for domestic and international flight so it is crucial you know the exact terminal to tell someone who is coming to pick you up or your taxi driver. This is essential even while you are leaving the country or going for an overseas trip. You cannot be holding a ticket for the Delhi to Dubai flight and go to the domestic terminal which will surely result in you missing your flight. Although it may be universally accepted by everyone who gave you “travel tips” to book a prepaid taxi from the airport, do not forget you just landed in India. As sad as it may sound, the ugly truth remains that everyone is trying to rip off each other. You cannot even trust the prepaid taxi drivers outside the airport, hence the best solution for you is to book a taxi via your mobile app. Book it before you get on the flight and time it depending on your time of your flight landing time. Do an online research of the option of accommodations available based on the budget you have set aside for accommodation.

The best way to get around the city is by hiring a taxi, which includes mobile apps like Ola cabs or Uber. These apps will be a life and money saver for your trip to India. Most drivers understand English but are usually unable to speak. This saves a lot of communication gap too as all you have to do is add the location in your map and with a nod and confirmation it is you who have made the booking, you can get into the cab and he will drop you off to your destination. For any complaints of misconduct or ill behaved driver, you can directly contact support in the app and appropriate action shall be imposed on the driver. If something of this sort happens when you book and board a local taxi or auto rickshaw you will just have to shrug it off and accept it as a bad experience and move on.

Be careful of what you put in your mouth and wash your hand frequently. Drink plenty of water, bottled mineral water and stay hydrated. There are many options to eat which you can compare depending on your preference and mood through apps like zomato. You will witness a good deal of ruins left behind since the time of the Mughals and British rule towards the Northern part of the city and if you are looking for some good scotch, good imported beer then head south, the proper ‘New Delhi’. Visit the urban villages and get introduced to the nightlife and pub scenes of New Delhi.

Delhi represents the very soul and essence of India. It teases its visitors with a little bit of everything. It is not a dull city with only historical sites and monuments and then again it is not a crazy party destination like Goa and Mumbai. It has a perfect balance of both and it is not the too much of anything. It is the place every domestic traveller loves and the city they all normally arrive to, to fly overseas. The ever packed Delhi to Dubai flights is the perfect example to back the statement.

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