New Movies For This April 2015

Avengers- Age of Ultron

Many people have been waiting for this month because of the latest movies that are going to be released are already created some extra-ordinary feelings in the audience minds. People who are prepared to watch the movies in this month must check this list of movies, which are scheduled to release in this month with some great entertainment. Few movies in this list come with great 3D features and awesome VFXs that’s going to take the audience into a completely new experience. The stunts and visualization developed with extraordinary screenplay and massive sounding will make the audience enjoy those few minutes of the movie played.

Avengers- Age of Ultron

This is biggest stars and Hollywood heroes filled film, which has made audiences wait with so excitement. The cast of movie will same as the earlier avengers with some extra characters included. The IMDB already rated the movies 8.3, as the earth’s greatest heroes again on a new mission to save the earth from the rise of Ultron. Elizabeth Oslen adn Aaron Taylor-johnson played the two new roles Scarlet Witch and Quick Silver. The trailer of the film already prepared the audience to experience the 3D effect with its awesome VFXs.

Far From the Madding Crowd

This film is purely based on the Thomas Hardy’s literature classic love story in which a girl attracts the 3 men of various fields. They want her so badly to be with them, we have to watch the film to see how many turns the story takes. IMDB rated the film 6.6 under the drama category. The trailer released earlier created some positive talk in the film critic zones. Carey Mulligan the academy award nominee played key role in this film.

Any Day

Any Day is a feel good movie in which you cannot find any sci-fi tricks, VFX, stunts on any other kind features. It is a story about an ex-fighter who wants to go away from all his past history and start a new phase in his life with a good family. Rustam Branaman played the lead role in this film and surprisingly he is the writer and director of the film. The screenplay and narration of the film look smooth in the earlier released promo of the film.


The film about a cop who is a ruthless undercover cop on a mission targeting London’s violent drug mafia people. The Story of the film goes with a few twists in the movie between the cops and mafia people the main leading character has to be take care of safety of him and his closed ones. The film written and directed by Gerard Johnson, who smother handled the narration. IMDB rated the film as 6.2/10, the promo of the film already gives the story line of the film in brief.

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