Now You Can Buy Cardboard Coffins from The Wholesaler

Now You Can Buy Cardboard Coffins from The Wholesaler

Organising a funeral is a stressful and difficult affair, which is why it’s always a relief to find a funeral director who does everything they can to help. One difficult area in particular tends to relate to the cost of organising a funeral, especially if the deceased didn’t leave behind a funeral plan or specific fund towards the costs. A funeral can cost anything from £1,600 for a basic ‘DIY’ service to well over £10,000 with all of the extras, including cars, caterers, flowers and so forth. You can find out a little bit more about the costs involved in a funeral from the national Money Advice Service:

The good news now, however, is that some providers, such as Greenfield Coffins, give you the chance to buy a cardboard coffin from the wholesaler and keep your costs down. This isn’t a case of skimping or cutting corners: it is a way to remove unnecessary costs from the funeral and have more to spend on the things that would have mattered to the deceased and that you know will matter to his or her family.

Now You Can Buy Cardboard Coffins from The Wholesaler

Managing the Costs of a Funeral

Most of our customers tell us that they are very keen to manage funeral costs effectively and not incur debt, which is very important when dealing with a difficult period and waiting for details of an estate to be confirmed. We offer cardboard coffins for a number of reasons – some economical and some aesthetic and social. For example, cardboard coffins are an eco-friendly choice, as they biodegrade naturally. They are also a beautiful choice because they can be customised with lovely designs. At the same time, they are also more cost-effective than heavy wood caskets, and they feel friendlier and less imposing too.

We find that a lot of our clients like cardboard coffins for a more modern feel at a funeral, and this has definitely been the case since a beautiful floral coffin was featured in Coronation Street, the popular soap.

Buying Direct from the Manufacturer

Through Greenfield Coffins, you can buy a cardboard coffin from the wholesaler and enjoy a much better price so that you have more money to put towards flowers, catering, cars or other services that matter to you. What’s more, you will love the quality of the coffins and the fantastic designs that you can choose. Our graphic design team will help you to choose the perfect image that is meaningful to the deceased’s memory, whether that’s a lovely natural scene, a landscape, a pet, a family picture, an abstract pattern or even the logo of their favourite football team.

Whatever your needs, Greenfield Coffins can help. We stock coffins of all shapes, sizes and specifications, with various lining and accessory options and a huge range of beautiful designs for cardboard options. Contact us today to find out more and to organise an appointment with one of our friendly, helpful and professional team.

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