How Can Ordinance 44 Motivate To Generate Own Energy?

How Can Ordinance 44 Motivate To Generate Own Energy?

Since the theme of the energy crisis has settled in the country, the federal government has been trying options to minimize the impacts of a possible reduction in the supply of electricity. In March 2015, the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) published Ordinance No. 44, which aims to encourage the generation of energy. This measure aims to reduce the demand for distributors using the capacity of the consumer units to generate electricity.

The measure – although it already presents a set of rules and requirements for those who wish to participate in public calls – still needs to be regulated by the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL). The value of the energy generated, for example, has not yet been defined, but it is already known that the price of the energy generated will be calculated according to the source.

Some industries, for example, that already have power generators to satisfy their demand at the tip can benefit from this measure, since when the amount paid by the government for the MWh produced covers the costs of keeping the generators connected outside the tip. The government is proposing, literally, to buy the energy produced.

According to experts, this measure constitutes an opportunity for a generator company, which rents generators for the industry. So the companies increase the quality of their products and try to catch more profit. According to demand ratios of the profit also increases.

The measure, which was scheduled to expire on December, can be renewed to meet demand in the summer, just at the time when consumption is highest. Directors of generator companies say that they are aware of the opportunities that Ordinance No. 44 can bring and they already start to set some great and customer attractive proposals for the high profit.

After the ordinance no 44 and continuously increased generator demand we can definitely say that Ordinance No. 44 motivate the peoples to buy or rent the generator. According to the survey of Generator market demand, in summer demand of the generator will going to high. It is very beneficial for the generator compiles but also not good for the economically.

There is no doubt that generators are useful and very important during the electricity lacks, or manage some events of specially required in hospitals. So own power generation is not bad but it’s ok at some level or we can say that for some specific required situation. In this case ordinance no 44 is very effective. And also motivate the peoples to buy or rent a power generator.

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