Osteoarthritis: You Must Know The Cause and Symptoms

Osteoarthritis You Must Know The Cause and Symptoms

Osteoarthritis refers to the type of arthritis which is caused between the cushions of joints that is known as cartilage. In this condition, the cartilage wears away. Due to this, the bones of joints start rubbing against each other on movement. This dissolute the shock absorbing advantage of cartilage. The rubbing activity causes severe pain, swelling, and stiffness, which require immediate arthritis treatment.

Osteoarthritis You Must Know The Cause and Symptoms

Causes of knee Osteoarthritis

There are various causes of osteoarthritis as stated by physicians, one of the most common being, age. Everyone develops some degree of pain as they age. However, other than aging, there are several other factors as well which cause and increase the risk of developing significant arthritis.

  • Age: As the person ages and gets older, the quality of cartilage decreases around the joints. Their ability to heal faster and growth goes down to a substantial level and hence, the issue of arthritis builds up.
  • Weight: Weight also influences the development of arthritis. As a person gains weight, it also results in increased pressure on the joints supporting the body structure, mainly the knees. Extra weight on knees leads to ruining the power of cartilage.
  • Gender: According to various studies, it has been witnessed that as compared to men, women show signs of developing arthritis faster. Women aged 55 and above are more prone to it.
  • Heredity: Heredity refers to the passing of certain characteristics onto the further generation. This includes genetic features like a person is likely to develop arthritis if his predecessors had it. Another reason can be the inherited shape of knee joints which may cause the abnormality later.
  • Other diseases: It has been seen that if a person is suffering from other diseases or illnesses, he is prone to osteoarthritis as well. Such other diseases may include metabolicdisorders like excessive iron formation, excess production of growth hormone, etc.
  • Occupation: The type of job or occupation a person has, also makes abig cause. Jobs which involve lots of activities which can lay stress over joint, like squatting, kneeling or liftingheavy weights, are likely to develop arthritis. This happens due to constant pressure upon the knee, thus, damaging the cartilage.

Symptoms of Knee Osteoarthritis

Efficient arthritis knee treatment can take place if the symptoms are detected at early stage.  Signs on which one needs to focus are:

  • Constant pain in the joints which increases on activity but eventually gets normal at rest position.
  • Uncommon swelling on the leg part in the morning or after a long sleep.
  • Stiffness in the knee when the part is at rest for longer than usual
  • Sudden decrease in the mobility and movement of the knee, that is, it becomes difficult to perform immediate actions, like using stairs, walking fast etc.
  • The occurrence of crackling or creaking sound when the knee moves.

Thus, keeping a check upon above-mentioned causes and symptoms will help you to detect whether one is suffering from arthritis or not. If one finds the symptoms positive, they should instantly contact their doctor and reach for medical help.

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