Panasonic CM1 – a compact camera and smartphone

The Panasonic CM1 has an attractive image sensor that can capture stunning photos. This sensor can helps user to shoot the images raw. This device is well built with best internal specifications and manual controlling features. Overall it looks great with the slim design. It is considered as a quality compact camera that can also functions as a smartphone. The leather and metal effect rubber body has a large one inch sensor that can deliver 20 megapixels pictures. It shoots in raw and JPEG and offers complete control to the users in choosing the camera setting. Panasonic call CM1 as a communication camera instead of phone. This is due to the rich photography features of this device and this is far more than being a phone. This device operates like other android phones and it supports 4G LTE offering super fast internet connection speed.

This communication camera features a high definition display screen measuring 4.7 inch. It runs on android 4.4 KitKat and powers up with 2.3Giga Hertz quad core processor. This is now available in United Kingdom for 799 Euros. With such a price, people might think that they can carry a camera with their mobile to take pictures. If a person loves taking snaps, he or she has to carry additional equipment for photography. But with this two in one device users can fill the pocket with one device that can functions as both smartphone and camera. Let us see Panasonic CM1 as camera and its features. The imaging skills of this camera lie in the one inch image sensor. This is much bigger than sensors users will find in other smartphones. The larger the image sensor, the more brightness it can take and resulting in clarity shots. Even in low light it can provide a better performance. This is why most of the smartphones struggles with its small sensors to take better shots in low light.

The image sensor of CM1 has 20 megapixels. This uses Venus image engine and promises good clarity, contrast and noise reduction. The lens of this camera bears the name leica and this is reassuring. People can find the Leica Elmarit lens in many compact cameras. This lens has a focal length of about 28 mm which is not wide angle. So, the users have to move around when they squeeze all their friends into the snap. This camera has an aperture control from f/2.8 to f/11. Users can find the images look awful. The slim line design, huge image sensor and multi function are the advantages of this smart device. Users can take it anywhere they go within their pocket.
The bad about the Panasonic CM1 is its price. It is very far from cheap and it runs on an older android version. People who use it as a smartphone will feel bulky. Another drawback of this device is users cannot use the raw format pictures in the android apps. While this compact camera is undeniably bulky and pricey, the photography features of this device helps user to enjoy good image quality that they cannot obtain from an ordinary smartphone. People who love having a camera always with them but do not like to get burden with two devices can choose this device. As a smartphone this device features Wi-Fi, USB, microSD, GPS, Bluetooth, radio, capacitive touch screen, 2GB RAM, sensors and impressive battery life. The secondary camera features with 1.1 mega pixel. Users can find everything possessed by other smartphones. They can enjoy music and videos with its large HD display screen. Thus, users can capture every moment in their life within the clarity shots.

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