Personal Factors That Influence Risk Of Divorce

There are a so many personal factors and life experiences that experts have determined that affect one’s overall risk of divorce. This means many couples will have a significantly higher risk of divorce than the average and for this you need a good Divorce Lawyer Boca.
The major factors that experts determine for a couple’s divorce include:

  1. Cohabitation: cohabiting couples have a 50-80% higher risk of divorce than non-cohabiting couples.
  2. Age: Couples marrying after age eighteen have a 24% less risk of divorce.
  3. Age Difference: This is the most common factor of divorce when there is a significant age difference than those in which the couples are close in age.
  4. Family Background: Those parents who have never divorced reduce the divorce risk by 14%.
  5. Marital History: being previously divorced apparently elevates one’s risk of divorce.
  6. Income:having a collective household income of $50,000 or more annually is associated with a 30 percent lower divorce risk.
  7. Religion: those with a strong common faith have a 7-14% lower risk of divorce. However, having a nominal faith has no protective effect.
  8. Childbearing:After having first child reduces divorce risk somewhere between 24% to 66%.
  9. Desire for Children: Marriages where wife desires children but husband does not is at a 50% more risk of divorce.
  10. Smoking: This is the most common factor of divorce between couples, where one partner smokes and the other does not as compared to couples in which no one does.

Personal Factors That Influence Risk Of Divorce

So while the 40-50% estimated rate of divorce risk is true and reliable, there are other important personal factors that bring everyone at different levels of risk. Many people with faith and practice, even with some of the above said risks, have relatively high likelihood of lifelong marital success because of the values they hold.

The recent analysis of divorce rates in the United States has revealed the 10 cities with the highest number of Divorce per year, and Florida has 4 of them.

Though Florida has more count in number of cities in the top 10 than any other state, but in comparison to U.S. Boca Raton, Florida does not have a particularly high divorce rate. Counting the number of divorces per 1,000 people age 15 or above, Florida comes in at the 7.66 – 9.31 range.

In spite of all these facts it is very important for those who care about the state of the family and provides a realistic view of its strengths and weaknesses today, you will probably need a good Divorce Lawyer Boca, who can help them to sort out their problems and help them in worst condition

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