Potential Benefits Of Employing Web Conferencing Technology In Business

Potential Benefits Of Employing Web Conferencing Technology In Business

Small to medium size companies and self-employed professionals are discovering the easiness and need of video conferencing to stay connected. Working from home is current trend and prices of using videoconference technology going down. These are the compelling reason for employing web meetings that are good for connecting with far-off team and boost productivity.

Potential Benefits Of Employing Web Conferencing Technology In Business

Potential benefits of using web conferencing

  • Saves on travel costs

Web conference allows you to be in different places, simultaneously without leaving your workplace desk and increase business productivity. Undoubtedly face-to-face communication with partners, colleagues and consumers can never be replaced. However, with advanced video conferencing facilities, these are the nearest thing that mimics you to be there.

When the number of tours taken every year is calculated along with its associated costs, it reveals clearly the reason why videoconferencing is an attractive option. Travelling cost of only one employee can very much outweigh the cost of video conference system, which can be utilized by entire company.

According to a current study, electricity used to power 1,000 hours of web conference is taken up in driving 1 hour face-to-face meeting. Therefore, investing in Polycom video conferencing system is good for environment and your budget. because online meetings help to reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

  • Increases productivity among consumers and teams

Today, branch offices are situated across the country or globe. These offices communicate with email, instant messaging and phone calls. However, all these options can cause misunderstanding among the team, which can result in no communication.

Video implementation allows the participants to stay focused and language on the discussed project. Doubts get cleared face-to-face, which results in efficient completion of projects, increase in productivity and the feeling of teamwork strengthens.

  • Enhances communication

On video conference phone, every participant can see one another’s body language and facial expressions. This navigates to quick and more effectual collaboration. Both these important communication aspect are lost in regular phone calls.

Company-wide meeting can be held in real time. Company CEO can address the employees situated in offices across the world creating a familiar home office environment. For example, live demo of new product with international sales team can be literally more meaningful and effective than trying to explain it vocally in words with audio conference.

  • Archive vital meetings for new hires

You can tape as well as archive vital meetings, standard training modules and key strategy sessions. This may be helpful for new on-boarding remote hires. Getting trained with the archived materials gives a more personal feeling than dry, text-based manual.

The library of stored data forms strong information base that records company milestones.

  • Competitive edge over competitors

Team communication via video can help to share knowledge faster about new marketing ideas or product promotion related to your business. They will be well-informed, and thus the time needed to launch a new product in the market reduces.

More personal relationships can be established with consumers by support department through video technology. In case of product manufacturing, quality can be verified, changes can be made and accuracy ensured within an hour. All this takes a week, because the product has to be shipped for review.

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