Power Cable Manufacturers Bring Critical Safety Guide For You

power cable manufacturers

Electricity should not be taken as a light thing. It can kill or severely injure people and breakdown the assets. Power cable manufacturers want that their customers should be safe and stay protected while dealing or using power cables and cords at their site. Every year, several accident reports related to electric shock or burns are lodged. Most of the hazardous accidents are happened by contact with overhead power lines. Even non-fatal shocks can permanently damage human body.

Power Cable Manufacturers Bring Critical Safety Guide For You

People using or working with power electricity may not be the only ones at risk. If the installation goes wrong or the appliances are faulty, it can lead to fire, which may also cause injury or death to a life. Such incidents and accidents can be prevented by proper planning and straightforward precautions.

Hazards involved in wrong power cable installation practice-

  • Contact with exposed parts of the cable can give shock and burns. It can even kill a life if the voltage is higher.
  • Faults can cause fire
  • Fire or explosion can be caused where electricity could be the source of ignition

Assessing the risk

Your safety and health risk assessment should take into account the risks related with electricity. This will assist you in determining the right action that can be taken for using and maintaining your electrical installations and equipment and how often maintenance is required.

The injury risk from electricity is strongly related to location and the way cord is used. The risks are even greater in harsh/extreme conditions-

  • In wet surroundings-Unsuitable equipment can easily become live and can be dangerous for surroundings.
  • Outdoors – equipment can become wet and get damaged outside.
  • In cramped spaces – if an electric fault developed in such spaces like a tank, it could be extremely tough to prevent a shock.

How to fix the risks?

Once you are done with risk assessment, you can use your research to lower the unacceptable risks from the electrical devices at your workplace. It is your responsibility to check people working on or with your electrical system should be competent for the job. They should have proper skill and knowledge to prevent injury to themselves and others.

These are the things that power cable manufacturers expecting from the clients. If the users follow these tips and ensure proper use of power cables, no mishaps can take place.

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