Precision Airflow Control Systems

It is believed that airflow control system is an indispensable part of a building as it helps regulate temperature, improve air quality and controls moisture. A well insulated facility with precision airflow control systems ensures occupants are safe and protected from air borne infections. This system helps eliminate exhaust gases, odors and prevents build up of mold within the facility. Uncontrolled and contaminated air flowing thorough health care facility is one of the major causes of performance problems encountered by staff– health, productivity, comfort, energy and much more.

Reasons why Install Precision Airflow Control Systems

There are many different reasons why precision air flow control is important with regards to workers performance level

Moisture Control

Water vapour in the air can be deposited within a facility via condensation. This increases humidity level, resulting into build up of mold. In order to protect the health of workers, increase productivity level and improved performance while at work, it is very important to add precision airflow control systems to your facility for clean, quality air.

Energy Savings

Buildings that are not well insulated are vulnerable to air leakage, which in turn increases the amount of energy used up. Once the air leaks out, it needs to be replaced with outdoor air and for this to happen, energy needs to be used to condition it. About 40% of energy consumption in a particular building is a result of the air leaking out through the building enclosure. Airflow control systems help control the amount of air within the building and saves a considerable amount of energy used up daily.

Improved Health and Comfort

Air leakage within a well insulated building affects human comfort and health. The wind cooled area of the building supports accumulation of mold which in turn affect the quality of air flowing through the building. In a bid to control and prevent the spread of airborne diseases for improved health, it is important to have a good airflow control system. This product eliminates odors and gases from within the environment which often cause severe health problems.

Health care facility around the country are usually bombarded with people from different backgrounds including employees and patients. Those working within the confines of these establishments strive to ensure patients are given proper attention and care they need. Due to the large influx of people entering into a healthcare facility, it is of utmost importance to make the environment safe and secured for everyone. Healthcare facilities are used for varied tasks including treatment of sick patients, hence the need to be on the alert in the event of a disaster such as contagious illness breakout. There is actually no better way to prevent and stay prepared for such disastrous incident than installing precision airflow control systems. This system can be used in business organization of all types especially for those who want to protect their employees from outbreak of contagious disease. Keep your environment safe and healthy by installing precision airflow control system.

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