Pros and Cons Of Personality Assessment Tests

personality assessment tests

You can define a company by taking correct hiring decisions. However, for the recruiters, it is never an easy job to get the right candidate for different types of jobs prevailing in the organization with the help of just a single test or a round of personal interview. Hence, there are some tools designed by the known experts in the field which can offer some results. These results help the user to rich a conclusion in limited time also. Given to the efforts of preparing workforces of top quality, human resource departments tend to adopt advanced tools, for example, personality assessment tests as a support in the process of hiring decisions. In reality, according to a report a large number, at least 62% of professionals concerned with human resource utilize personality testing for absorbing candidates. It is prepared in a way that can bring out the hidden traits of the individual.

Pros and Cons Of Personality Assessment Tests

Personality inventory test  is said to be assessments that offer insight into very essential but about indefinable information regarding candidates like values, personality and their preferences of work. Equipped with all this data, employers are in a position to get insight into the performance of a candidate in some given job. The advantages and disadvantages of personality tests are vital and employers ought to consider them cautiously before using them.

Advantages of Personality Tests

These personality tests may surely offer important advantages to human resource managers or employers. These tests are being appreciated for some reasons as:

  1. By making out the unique data, personality testing can aid employers in assessing the suitability of a candidate to the culture of the company.
  2. These personality tests give employers an opportunity to comprehend in a better form the ways to keep an employee motivated and absorbed in work.
  3. Better set and designed, the standardized assessment tests give an employer chance to improve his legal defensibility by means of offering a fair system of comparing candidates.
  4. By using personality testing, it is possible to decrease the possibility of assigning the wrong people wrong role.

Disadvantages of Personality Test

In addition to having positive qualities, these personality tests have some limitations as:


These personality tests take a lot of time which can be the cause of frustration for a job candidate or can incur a loss to other companies.


Personality tests can prove pricey and can cost many dollars per candidate


As it is helpful for getting insight into behaviour, these tests cannot be said to be correct predictors of how successful a candidate will turn out in a job. This holds true for some tests, for example, the 4Q- Four Quadrant and also Meyer-Briggs test. However, these tests do not hold validity to be strong measures meant for the performance of job but are very well accepted amid employers.


Very often it happens that candidates answer personality testing by way of picking answers they assume the employer expects from them. All this renders the process of personality testing intricate to understand or sometimes make it invalid.

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