Purchasing A Convertible Sofa

Not everyone is lucky enough to live in an apartment big enough to have a guest room. This is doubly true when it comes to living in Chicago, although some people claim that even we have it easy here. However, not having a guest room should not be a reason to send your friends to a hotel, because you don’t have a place for them to sleep. Convertible sofas and furniture as a whole are an excellent and functional alternative for smaller homes. So if you are considering such a purchase, we have some advice on what to look out for and to pay closer attention to. If at any point you need help with moving furniture around your home, rearranging and whatnot, consider hiring some movers Chicago has to offer, as they will surely make the whole thing easier.

Convertible sofas and furniture come in a great variety of styles, so it isn’t necessary to dumb your choice down to some immensely huge sofa that can hardly fit your living room. The simplest one is a sofa with a movable back. It just releases from the hinges holding it and turns into a simple bed. It is stylish, clean and very inexpensive. Of course, you may opt out of purchasing a sofa, but rather go for its smaller cousin – the convertible arm-chair. There is something you have to consider though, and this is that such arm-chairs only suit one person, so having two at your home is an OK choice, but then again it would take just as much space as the sofa, only separated. You may find that this choice is a bit more expensive and may not fit your budget that well. However, they are a perfect solution if you already have a nice sofa, but still need some expandable furniture.

The last and most traditional choice is the fully functional convertible sofa, which extends into a nice, large bed. Most of the time it is comfortable and serves as a nice piece of furniture, but it can definitely extend into a king-size bed as well, or even if not king-size, something pretty close. However, if you can’t fit such a big thing in your living room, there is always the option to pick a smaller, 3-person sofa, which extends nicely into a bed for two, if they don’t mind it being a little tighter.

But other than the type of convertible furniture, you have to consider what it’s made of and how comfortable it is. If it is cotton and polyester, you have to know that the cushioning should be at least 8 inches, otherwise it may start to feel uncomfortable after a while. Sometimes it will just be foam, this is probably the most used material throughout (with more expensive “memory” foam options available), but you have to especially careful here. Some low-end sofas come with a very cheap and not durable foam, which will squish too fast and will leave you sitting or lying on piece of wood.

The last possible material is springs, but you may find it a challenge to actually find such a sofa nowadays. They do make them, but it is usually a custom order or you have to go to a place which sells vintage furniture.

With all this information you can now go and safely purchase a convertible sofa in order to be able to invite your friends for a night over.

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