What is the main purpose of adding a tonneau cover?

Security, functionality, and weather-resistance are three common benefits of a special tonneau cover. We recommend weighing the potential benefits of a tonneau with your own needs when determining which cover to purchase.

Security is one of the most important things to consider when buying any truck bed cover. All covers will protect important cargo as your valuables will be out of sight and out of mind. However, someone who wants ultimate security should consider a retractable, hard-folding, or one-piece heavy duty tonneau cover. These special tonneau  covers either include a locking system or secure your bed completely when the tailgate is locked.QUESTIONS TO ASK WHEN BUYING A TONNEAU COVER

Bed covers are intended to provide additional features and benefits that allow you to use your truck to the fullest. It is important to consider what kind of functionality you need, and pick a special tonneau cover that fits your lifestyle. Truck bed covers can all offer full bed access, ensuring you can haul anything at a moment’s notice. You can purchase a roll-up, folding, or even retractable special tonneau cover based on your needs.

special tonneau cover  are made with weather-resistant materials and will protect your cargo from sun, rain, and snow. While some are better than others, installation is truly key to proper protection from the elements. Covers that sit on top of the bed rails provide decent weather-resistance, while covers that mount to the inside of the bed are excellent. The absolute best are covers that wrap over the bed such as a painted or one-piece style.

Will a tonneau cover fit with a bed liner?

There are two basic bed liner styles: those that tuck under the bed rail, and those that go over it. The classic, under-the-rail bed liners present no issue for special tonneau cover, and represent 98 percent of installed liners. Although over-the-rail bed liners are tempting as they protect the bed rail from getting scratched, they can make installing a tonneau cover difficult as they narrow the truck bed, altering the way the cover fits. These special tonneau coverwill still work, but the installation will be more difficult and your cover may not fit as well.

Some tonneau covers sit on top of the bed rails which in turn block the stake pocket holes. This is insignificant to most shoppers who have no use for these.

However, for the truck owner who wishes to use bed accessories such as tie downs or a truck rack, it is important to have the stake pocket holes accessible. The ideal special tonneau cover would be one that mounts to the inside of the bed as it would leave the stake pocket holes unblocked and ready for any bed accessories.

How should the height of a truck impact cover choice?

Even if hard folding covers are lighter than they used to be, they can start to feel heavy when using them on a lifted truck. Soft special tonneau cover such as roll ups and soft tri-folds are lightweight and are easier to manage. Electric retractable covers are extremely popular for lifted trucks, and are definitely the most convenient. These covers can be opened with the press of a button, and make life easier.

How difficult is installation?

Most tonneau covers can be installed in 30-45 minutes with common garage tools and do not require drilling. Some tonneau covers may require slight modifications such as a retractable cover with a plastic bed liner. Please contact our experts with any questions or concerns. We offer lifetime installation support.

Do tonneau covers require maintenance?

Most tonneau covers do not require any maintenance besides cleaning with soap and water. Vinyl cleaners can also be used on vinyl special tonneau cover (such as the Bakflip VP Hard Folding Cover) to keep the surface clean and looking new. The only tonneau covers that require mechanical maintenance are retractable tonneau covers as the track system should be kept cleared of debris. ReTrax and GatorTrax retractable tonneau covers are exceptions as they include sealed ball bearings, and require no maintenance.

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