Quick Peek Of Yellowstone Backpacking Guided Adventure

Quick Peek Of Yellowstone Backpacking Guided Adventure

Yellowstone valley located in Alaska is popular for wild adventures. Absaroka Mountains dramatically rise to form the valley’s eastern boundary. The floor of the valley is flat and broad with an elevation of 5,000 feet and a series of peaks rise ranging up to 11,000 feet. Plenty of streams gush out from the mountains and flow into Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness and Gallatin National Forest. Yellowstone region is also called ‘Paradise Valley’.

Quick Peek Of Yellowstone Backpacking Guided Adventure

Hiking & Riding Trails

Yellowstone offers a lot of hiking & riding opportunities. Trips of Yellowstone backpacking by bigwildadventures.com are diverse.

Quick peek of Yellowstone backpacking guided trips

Northern Yellowstone wildlife & wildflower Extravaganza – (June)

This is a moderate trip with a base in Gardiner, Montana. Tourists will adventure through green forest, sagebrush, forest and eternal spring wildflowers. However, this route can differ because of snowy weather in higher terrain. Some areas typically visited include Coyote Creek, Black Canyon, and Hellroaring Creek. Lot of wildlife can be enjoyed because it is spring and critters have not migrated to snow covered Alpine mountains.

Lamar River backcountry (July)

Lamar River has cut the beautiful valleys and flows through the plateaus and mountains. Backpackers can get a good view of wild life in this area called the ‘North America’s Serengeti’. You will see animals like elk, bison, mule deer, pronghorn and bear on the way. If you are lucky, you will be bale t see wolves.

You will be taken to Lamar headwaters after crossing Absaroka Mountain pass to reach Yellowstone Lake. Landscape includes the meadows full of wildflowers, extensive forest area, rocky towering mountains, and crystal clear gushing streams containing plenty of fish.

North-eastern Mellow Mountain Magic (July)

Backpackers walking through mellow trail can experience high mountain wilderness with few modest uphills. Towering peaks rising over verdant valley filled with wildflowers along with big meadows, sparkling streams, and lush forest makes this chunk of Yellowstone backcountry seem magnificent. Large mammals like bear, moose, elk, mountain goat, etc, reside here.

North-west Gallatin range (August)

The base of this itinerary is Bozeman, Montana. The route passes through the wilds of rugged peaks, lush woods, open vistas, cold lakes, beautiful green meadows, and clear mountain streams. Mountainous backcountry trips are just breath-taking. Backpackers will travel around places like High Lake, Specimen Creek, Electric Pass, Sportsman Lake, Crescent Lake, Bighorn Peak, Black Butte Creek, etc.

South-west Bechler Waterfall Wonderland (August -September)

In this backpacking adventure, tourists will enjoy huge meadows, big rivers, lush forest, forested canyons, pine & spruce covered plateaus, breathtaking mountain views, hot springs, huge waterfalls and largest continuous wilderness lake in the US. The summer trips will also include plenty of wildflowers, warm weather, typical morning frost, and vibrant fall colours. Backpackers can enjoy a gentle hiking experience upon well-maintained trails.

Southern late summer magic (August)

Backpackers get to trek through large meadows, towering mountains, blue lakes, pine forests, and plateaus. You will hear the bull elk bugle and get to see bears, wolves, sand-hill cranes, moose, and more. Enjoy a dip in hot water springs!

In Yellowstone region June is rainy and cool. High water can become hazardous during spring runoff. July and August can be drier and more preferable weather-wise for horseback riding or hiking.

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