RCBC Credit Cards and the Best Credit Card Deals

Get RCBC credit cards matching your needs without any requirement to wait for the credit approval. It is 100% guaranteed with no credit check irrespective of your previous credit history. Also, you control the credit limit you wish to avail.

You get to enjoy the below unique benefits with your RCBC credit card:

  • Low rotating fee of only 2.5% every month
  • Low association fee of P60 a month

To Get Your RCBC Bankard :

  1. Select the accurate RCBC Bankard credit card that serves your purpose.
  2. Go to your nearby RCBC or RCBC Savings Bank branch to apply for an InstaCard account. As an Applicant you will need to open any CASA (Current/Savings Account) account in any RCBC Branch ensuing the compulsory initial deposit and maintaining balance.
  3. You need to submit the following documents:
  • Completely filled InstaCard Application Form
  • Completely filled Current/Savings Account Opening Forms
  • Deed of Assignment Form
  • Legal IDs

Requirements for RCBC Credit Card:

  • You must be minimum 21 years of age.
  • Requests for InstaCard will only be handled if you do not have an offending RCBC Bankard account.
  • The least hold-out deposit amount of P5,000/US$2,000 is mandatory.
  • The CASA amount specified by the client for InstaCard application will be put on hold and shall be subject to the following:
    • The CASA account number and amount stated in the Deed of Assignment and on the request form will be treated as the security deposit and credit limit for the card.
    • The hold-out amount will be in effect until 60 days after the request for withdrawal and until given a go by the RCBC Bankard.
    • If in any case, the credit card is cancelled, the hold-out on the payment can only be unrestricted after 60 days to allow posting of late billings.
  • Membership Fee does not require any charges for one year and lower than usual for following months.
  • Revolving interest rate is a low 2.5% for peso cards and 2.0% for the dollar cards.

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