Reasons Contributing To The Popularity Of Football!

There are several football fans across the world. They passionately watch or play the game. Football is played and understood by people in all nations. It is a communal sport and involves the joys of teamwork. Here there are no individual losses and wins. The whole team works together to win and lose.

Reasons Contributing To The Popularity Of Football!

In Cleveland Ohio, there is a passionate fan of football who loves to share his admiration for the sport. His name is Jonathan Bunge and he is in the transport sector. His work entails a lot of travelling however he never misses the chance to write about his favorite sport once he is back from work. He has a blog and not only writes about his perspectives about the game but he also loves to share interesting articles that have been written by others about the sport. He says that he is not a gifted writer but when you read his posts, you will find how eloquently he has written them. He chooses some amazing topics and encourages kids and the youth to play the sport. Football is a lovely game and Jonathan says that there are many reasons why it is loved and respected across the world today.

Jonathan says that the rules of football are simple and easy to follow. This is the prime reason why everyone of all ages and backgrounds are able to relate to it. If you compare the sport to others like tennis and cricket, you will find that they have a set of fixed rules that you need to follow. There are some people that have difficulty in understanding the offside game. Football however is very different and easy to understand by all!

Now, if you look at the sport real close, you will find that there is fewer infrastructures needed to play the game. You only need a ball and you can play in the streets to practice if you wish to. Everyone has access to football- rich or poor.

Another big advantage of the sport is that it has a fixed timeline. The game is short and viewers can easily get back to their daily activities right after the match. The short time also holds the interests of the players. If you look at cricket, there are a series of test matches and ODIs. Tennis does not have a fixed time frame. Therefore, football can also include those that have really busy schedules. It is a game that can be played and watched anywhere. The entire world loves it.

Jonathan Bunge says that he was lucky that his parents introduced him to the sport at a very early age. He is blessed to be a part of the sport and encourages kids and the youth to play it. Team spirit and the sense of competition help the players to develop and emerge as socially responsible citizens. This is the reason why Jonathan Bunge promotes the gift of this amazing sport and the host of spectacular advantages it carries!

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