Reasons To Choose Log Book Servicing Over Normal Servicing

Log Book Servicing

It has been well established that for the longevity and consistent performance of any car, it is essential to get it serviced regularly. Log book servicing is a way of keeping your service records organised for future reference. Why organise? The first reason is that it is a necessary thing to do while your car is under the warranty period. This is in order to ensure that the car is being serviced properly according to the guidelines of the manufacturer. There have been instances where the car suffered a breakdown as it was not serviced according to the guidelines of the manufacturer. To prevent this, the car manufacturer needs you to get log book servicing. The second reason is that it gives a track record of all the car repairs and that fetches you a fair price of the car while you sell it to someone else. All the mechanics advise the car owners to follow the log book servicing schedule and guidelines, though car owners seldom do. Most car owners think it to be futile to spend extra bucks for log book servicing. But, most people are unaware that there are several benefits of keeping the log book updated.

Reasons To Choose Log Book Servicing Over Normal Servicing

  • The first benefit is that you have it all well organised. All the servicing history will be ready anytime you need to take a peek at it. A car log book is like you have a medical history file. So that the doctor can refer to it when you visit and can be quick in giving a diagnosis. So, anytime you visit a mechanic with your car and its log book, all the mechanic has to do is to take a look at the service history and get to work. With this, the mechanic would have a clear idea when the engine oil was changed, when the battery water was replaced and so on. According to that, he can ensure there is no repetition of tasks.
  • The second benefit is that you can choose service stations freely. In case you keep travelling around in your car but still want to be regular in the matter of your car servicing, log book servicing is the best solution for you. As the complete history of the car is already mentioned in the log book, any reliable mechanic can get to work on your car and do a good job after he is acquainted with the car history through the log book. This way, you do not have to worry about any servicing aspect being missed out.
  • The third and the most important benefit is that you benefit due to it while selling your car and also in the insurance benefits in case your car suffers damages beyond repair in an accident. How? Well, that is simple. When the car is damaged beyond repair in an accident, the car log book is used to determine the condition of the car before the occurrence of the accident and that determines the amount of compensation you would receive from the insurance. So, a regularly maintained log book can fetch you more returns. Also, if you have been opting for log book servicing of your car, you have a complete record to present to the new owner that clearly states the condition of the care and how well the car has been cared for. Thus, you can get a higher resale price for the car.

Apart from all these benefits, if you have been regularly getting your car serviced and the log book updated at the same car station, there is a build-up of mutual trust and familiarity which helps you to get discounts on spare parts and servicing. Various service stations have a discount scheme for their loyal customers. You can benefit from that. With all these plus points of log book servicing, why opt for a normal one?

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