Reasons To Go Direct To The Hot Dog Supplier

The majority of people will agree that hot dogs are delicious.  But what many people may not realize is that there are actually many different types of hot dog.  You can get chicken hot dogs, beef, pork and even vegetarian ones.  A good hot dog supplier will also have a variety of twists on these flavours and they can be supplemented with the right source.

As well as purchasing hot dogs from the supplier you should be able to purchase the buns; making it much easier to cater for an event; whether a family barbeque or a large scale social gathering!

Reasons To Go Direct To The Hot Dog Supplier

There are many different hot dog suppliers but one that stands out is Soloway’s; this firm has been successfully operating for many years and caters for both businesses and individuals.  They will even create custom products to your own requirements if you wish!

There are several good reasons to go direct to a hot dog supplier:


The taste of the hot dog is better!  When the product is still with the hit dog supplier it has not been tainted by the smells and flavours of other meat.  It has also not aged during travel or been left out of the chillier when it should have been in.  Every aspect of its short life is controlled and maintained; ensuring the best possible freshness.


Purchasing directly from a hot dog supplier will also allow you to order the exact quantity you need and know that they will be available when you need them.  This is not always the case in your local shop.  Even if they usually stock enough you never know when they will run low or someone else will take the hot dogs you want!

Dealing with a hot dog supplier means you can have just the right number as often as you like!


Buying wholesale is always seen as being better value.  This is certainly true when you visit a reputable hot dog supplier.  The hot dogs do not need additional packaging; there are no additional travel costs and no shop needing to mark the price up to make a profit.  If you take these variables away the hot dog supplier will be able to sell you them substantially cheaper than you can purchase them anywhere else.

This alone makes it worthwhile and the cost saving makes the hot dogs taste better and they can, if necessary, be frozen until you need them.

Ordering Online

The majority of hot dog suppliers will now allow you to order online.  This makes it much easier to see the price of the product and order the exact amount you want without even leaving the house.  If the hot dog suppler is local you may wish to collect them to avoid any issues in transit.  IF this is not the case then at least you can have your favourite hot dogs delivered; no matter where in the country they have been made!

Once you have experienced the benefits of ordering from the hot dog supplier you will never get them in the shop again!

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