Reduce Car EMI Burden With ZAP

How often have you thought of buying a new car? Or do you have the latest swanky model parked in your basement lot right now? Is the car loan EMI proving a bit of an obstacle? A new car is more than just an eventful purchase, it also a status symbol that speaks of confidence and independence. The priveleges outnumber the negatives any day, but with the finances involved and perpetually increasing costs of living, balancing everything can take its toll on your regular lifestyle.

Zoomcar understands this scenario faced by many aspiring and hard-working individuals. Car-ownership can be a breeze if you sign up for ZAP, a shared ownership model where you can list your new car on Zoomcar’s platform and have it bring in extra income. You can save up to 70% of your EMI costs just by having your car on the road when you do not need it.

Buying a New Car?

Reduce Car EMI Burden With ZAP

You can also buy a car with the help of Zoomcar. This trusted company has a great relationship with top car manufacturing companies like Maruti, Hyundai, Ford, Mahindra and Tata. Enjoy terms that help you save more on your new car than buying it outside this network. You can also be introduced to a host of finance providers who will give you the best rates. By buying a new car with Zoomcar’s assistance, you start saving even before the sharing model begins.

Simple, Reliable Processes

The best part about the ZAP listing process is the total convenience of it all. You can list your car on the Zoomcar process with just the touch of an app and there is no requirement for you to interact with the customers. A professional support team is always available 24/7 to address your concerns and queries. The ZAP model is driven by technology and even when your car is listed you can always track its location. As a car owner you have total control on the timings that you want to list the car. The billing process is very transparent so you will always be able to track your earnings.

Getting Started, the ZAPster Way

Reduce Car EMI Burden With ZAP

To get the ZAP sharing model started you need to have a few things in place. The law demands that any vehicle used for rental or commercial sharing purposes will need to be registered as a commercial vehicle. Registering with Zoomcar also protects you from the liabilities when it is on the road.

Another pre-requisite is Cadabra, proprietary software that will help you stay on top of the maintenance game and save a lot of money. Cadabra tracks different aspects of car usage and engine health real-time and is integrated to the app. Some of the things you can track with Cadabra include sudden braking, clutch functioning and hard acceleration. The analytics platform gives you constant updates so car maintenance becomes more transparent and convenient.

Slay your EMIs

With a growing presence and thousands of loyal customers all over the country, Zoomcar offers you a platform to share opportunities with a car-sharing model that puts the owner first. Negotiate your EMI costs with ease and gain financial freedom with the ZAPster way.

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