Refurbished Or Used C-Arms – How To Find The Right One Based On Your Requirements

Refurbished Or Used C-Arms - How To Find The Right One Based On Your Requirements

Medical practitioners are researchers, who usually conduct experiments on such fields of medical science, which can offer new route to curing or even understanding the actual phenomena in any disorder or health issue. In order to do so, they require help from right set of equipment, since not all regularly used set of instruments can offer same level of service in any research like such special equipment types.

Refurbished Or Used C-Arms - How To Find The Right One Based On Your Requirements


C-arm is actually one such instrument that are employed in the experiments and researches, which are conducted by the medical practitioners. Just like any other equipment, it also costs quite a fortune, if they think about buying a brand new unit. Hence, almost all practitioners think about finding the shops that offer used equipment in excellent working condition.

Second Hand or Used or Refurbished C-arm

When you look for purchasing the used C arms, you will find many types in it such as retouched, refurbished, new and used. While finalizing one, you should understand what you are looking for from a C-arm.

You might even get confused, while planning to buy one. Hence, instead of finalizing any random device, it is suggested to do your part of research on both used and refurbished types, and also on their advantages and disadvantages. You can even take help from the professionals, who have excellent eyes, when it comes to checking the defects in c-arm equipment.

Choosing the Right One

When you look for purchasing an automobile, you will first think about what exactly you are looking for from it, and then decide what model to go with. In the same way, you should understand what key factors you are looking for, when you are planning to buy a c-arm.

  • Some c-arm units are designed in such a way that they can be employed only for normal procedures, whereas some are designed to suit perfectly to be used in some complex medical procedures. Hence, understand your preference first.
  • If you are focused on some special medical fields such as orthopedics, cardiac, pain management and intervention, etc, then you should look for the full furbished and full sized c-arms. Such full sized equipment will be designed so as to withstand the excess utilization without machine or engine heat up.

Once you finalize the requirements in the above mentioned fields, next things to consider while planning to purchase a refurbished or even used c-arm is to understand whether you will be moving it around or will prefer keeping it stagnant. There are actually two types of c-arms available in both used and refurbished categories.

Fixed C-Arm Equipment

As the name says, the fixed c-arm types can be employed only in such centers where there is no requirement of constant movement of c-arms. Such fixed c-arm types will be comparatively bigger in the size than the other c-arm types, and will be designed for complex procedures.

Mobile C-Arm Unit

As the name says, mobile c-arm units are best suited for such procedures that require constant movement of c-arms. You can employ it on multiple patients at a same time, by moving it back and forth.

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